[Giveaway] Collect badges for a chance to win Traktor X1 MK3



  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,448 Expert
    edited September 18

    Looks very nice, looking forward to the brothers of X1. :-DDD Might be nice on occasions I do not want to carry S5.

  • Royal Tee
    Royal Tee Member Posts: 24 Member

    Prolly the lights. TBH, I don't see anything that I'd use more than the previous one....which I own.

  • Fritz
    Fritz Member Posts: 9 Member
    edited September 19

    When I started using traktor for club gigs 10 years ago I was really happy with the combination of a Z1 and X1 MkII. The combination gave me everything I needed to do proper sets. It was also small and compact. Fitted in a small backpack. This was powerfull for traveling. After a while I started to hate my laptop screen. I didnt want to spin with thing in between me and the audience. I moved to a pair of D2s and expanded to a dvs sysem with an audio 10, 2 vinyl players and and external mixer. Combined it with F1 and had awesome adventures. Now with the new X1 im really wondering if the screen information can give me an equal experience and might me a good replacement for the aging D2s.

  • djsmex
    djsmex Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    It would be great to win the new X1 mk3, my F1 will be soo glad ofa new edition as it's all on its own :) Plus I have never won anything like this before.

  • b_en
    b_en Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Visiting a friend tomorrow to try out the Z2 ;-)

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