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  • misterben
    misterben Member Posts: 4 Member

    I am excited about the idea of playing such a small controller, but hopefully not having to look at the computer screen (much!)

  • sjenkin
    sjenkin Member Posts: 15 Member

    Really excited to try out the mixer function on this controller!

    I've currently got the limited purple x1 mk2 - would love to add the new x1 to my setup!

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 296 Pro

    I think the release of the new x1 shows NI is still serious with the development of Traktor. 👍

  • djisang
    djisang Member Posts: 8 Member

    Three things I love… first being the visual cues, the built-in displays and bottom LEDs, that’ll allow me look at my laptop screen less. People want a performer who is engaged in their gear, but a laptop screen can take away from that magic.

    The second being additional dedicated features, mainly the mixer and pattern player. It makes for an easier user experience and I feel it completely justifies buying it despite owning the MK2.

    And last but not least, the design. It’s much sleeker and modern, and the buttons being black will certainly hide any aesthetic wear. The buttons on my Mk2 are yellow from oxidation.

  • JonnyG
    JonnyG Member Posts: 6 Member

    3 things stand out for me with these new units:

    • modern look
    • led alerts (great for track ending or deck is in loop in dark clubs)
    • USB hub - this one is the kicker for me. Running out of USB space has become a massive problem for anyone using multiple devices. Having this local to the mixer without a bunch of wires going to a laptop stand, where they’ve occasionally come loose, is a massive win for me.

    I’ll have 2 of these units in my new setup alongside a bunch of other gizmos so I’m excited to test it out.

  • Thales de Paula
    Thales de Paula Member Posts: 83 Helper

    for new users this is cool... and for those who are older?

  • idiot youth
    idiot youth Member Posts: 3 Member

    I had the original X1 but haven't used it for years. Great bit of kit though, it'll be interesting to see what this one is all about

  • Occubusjive
    Occubusjive Member Posts: 3 Member

    It’s reassuring to see NI finally come out with some new hardware, especially for their Traktor product. Looking forward to to whatever else is in the pipeline! Love the use of leds for visual cues and customization on the new controller too…

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,546 admin

    Thanks for all your comments everyone! Heads up that this week's DJ discussion of the week is now live.

    You can now collect the second X1 badge by participating in the thread above 👆 Reminder that you'll be automatically entered into a raffle to win the new X1 MK3 if you've collected all three badges.

  • Skanner
    Skanner Member Posts: 9 Member

    X1 mk3 look fine.


    on X1 mk1 and mk2 butons all surface illuminated in mk3 only characters or sighn.

    I think it's more like't by x mk1 users because play and cue buttons are the same positionated.

    Have a nice day.

  • Greggsonic
    Greggsonic Member Posts: 5 Member

    Been an avid Native Instrument user since 2010 with Traktor as my main dj tool from the MK1 S4 and the Z1 & X1 MK2 including the production VST products.

    With the new X1 MK3 I am sure I will take the deejay skills to another level with all the newer features offered, when playing out to clubs and festivals here in South Africa.

    Bring on the music, the speakers and the new X1 MK3!! <3

  • thefunkyboulevards
    thefunkyboulevards Member Posts: 25 Member

    Im really excited to try the new Kontrol X1 Mk3. I recently bought a set of Z1, X1 and F1. I think the Kontrol X1 MK3, can make my mobile setup even compact, because the mixer feature is awesome. And the layout with the new features such as USB ports, make this a perfect candidate for me.

    CME1MORE Member Posts: 1 Member

    I see myself using the x1mk3 with stems and Traktor pro 3. Owning the Maschine MK3, I would definitely love to integrate with the X1mk3.

  • cgm6066
    cgm6066 Member Posts: 14 Member

    Great looking piece of hardware! Looking forward to checking one out in-person. Nicely done!

  • mitrosive@gmail.com
    mitrosive@gmail.com Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    I know this is the new gear I should be getting!

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