Maschine plus upgrades (ableton push 3 released)



  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,235 Guru

    Sorry to jump the gun on this.

    Nothing to say....

  • GoKeez
    GoKeez Member Posts: 79 Advisor

    Lol@exciting news.

    Im just waiting on the “NI is now an InMusic brand.” Lol

  • Symian
    Symian Member Posts: 6 Member

    I expect to see more post like these as they streamline the development process and assess where to direct resources regarding maschine, i would imagine the legacy stuff is weighing heavily on the maschine platform as whole, wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if they dropped support for the first and second gen controllers in the not to distant future also .

  • MaikR
    MaikR Member Posts: 161 Advisor

    Ableton is now offering 20% upgrade discounts for Push 2 users… that would mean a standalone version for 1.500 euro 🤔

  • DeepThumb
    DeepThumb Member Posts: 169 Advisor

    With all its reported current quirks neither P3 nor P3S are an option to me. I'd wait further 6 month at least.

  • MaikR
    MaikR Member Posts: 161 Advisor

    Yes I think I’m on that train, too. At this point it’s also too much depending on the desktop software.

    No arrangement, limited M4L support, no rack editing, etc. so a lot of decisions have to be made in Live before you transfer a project to standalone mode.

    BTW this transfer process is how the M+ should work with Maschine software… ‘click-collect-send’ and continue working on your project in standalone.

    But I need the device to operate to the max in standalone, too. So if a vendor decides to call it EOL from a software integration perspective I could still use it… also if I would decide to start using another DAW.

  • Jiglo
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    edited October 2023

    A lot of similar limitations standalone compared to being connected, much like a M+, yet sells like hot cakes. I own a Push 2 and Suite, but the upgrade path would still be £1669, so almost double the price of a M+. So at the price, it should be better than a M+ then, but nearly twice as good? Also, the base model is around half that price, so the upgrade path is presumably almost the price of a M+

    The Push 2 is pretty capable as is and I don't see it as much of an upgrade over that, so it's a hard sell for me. I prefer working with the Maschine too in all honesty. I can't imagine using a Push without a computer screen displaying a lot of the information that makes a DAW easier to use, so another upgrade path for me would have been a larger screen.

    That said, they do have a 'try for 30 days or my money back, including postage', so might be an option at some point, but it also might mean getting a repackaged used model that somebody else has sent back. Although, if that were the case, nothing to stop me returning and rebuying.

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