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  • tmpc
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    I am not a Kontakt expert, but I've been working with hardware and software synths and samplers for almost 40 years. I regularly go "under the hood" in Kontakt to tweak purchased sound libraries. But, I find editing particular Groups, Zones, and Samples to be extremely confusing; primarily the isolation of the particular thing I want to tweak. It would be VERY helpful to have a tutorial / video on this. If one exists, I've not been able to locate it, or it was unclear / not detailed enough.

  • David Das
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    I really miss the database. Out of all the ways that Kontakt offers (and has offered) to load patches, the new browser has added more complexity (and has not been easy to adapt to a large pre-existing library), and the removal of the database has kneecapped my ability to search quickly. Presumably the database is not coming back, but I'm interested to hear what's coming up for the new browser to hopefully improve the situation.

  • nitinm162
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    I use Kontakt 98% of the time.

    For older libraries, I would like to see a feature where Kontakt remembers the library selected AND the specific preset. Now if I want to select another preset in the same instrument/folder, I don't have to go searching for the library and then the subfolder etc. This would be a HUGE improvement to my workflow.

    I would also like to see a history button so that we can go back to a previous settings. Right now I have to try some new settings and then close my project without saving and re-open. I know I can create snapshots, but then I have to keep cleaning them out!

    Thank you.

  • benenglish
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    Hello, I have your latest 88 key keyboard and use Kontakt on it's own and within Logic. Would it be possible for you to honour the light guide on my keyboard as dictated by the sample library rather having to use Komplete Kontrol please? I don't want to use KK - I just want to use Kontakt on it's own - thanks!

  • MichaelKnight
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    Don't know if this is the right question for Christian, but can we get better integration with Ableton. When you put Kontakt or Maschine for that matter into Ableton as a plugin it records on the NI software, not the Ableton software.

  • BroHah@
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    There are a ton of excellent suggestions here. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) how some of these suggestions ultimately help shape future versions of Kontakt.

    While experimenting with myriad libraries in Kontakt, I'm often asked if I want to 'Save change to instrument?'. This occurs even when I haven't made any changes to the libraries I've loaded. Maybe I've loaded a library, played a few notes, and decided to replace the library with a different library.

    The extra mouse clicks required to keep getting rid of this 'nag' are quite the workflow killer. This dialog seems to appear inconsistently, and illogicially, often without any relevance to whether there have been changes made that one might wish to save.

    Maybe the 'save changes' behavior was changed recently, I'm now finding difficult to reproduce the behavior.

    If the 'save changes' behavior hasn't been changed, perhaps users could be offered the option of how 'proactive' it is. I've probably seen that dialog box at least a thousand times, but never once has it saved me from losing any modifications. Seems that it shouldn't ever appear if a library is loaded, then replaced with a different library, then another different library, if no changes have been made to any of the libraries.

  • cpr_evo6
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    You need an attempt to scale the UI. I know it could get blocky but some libraries on a 4K+ monitor need a microscope to read…

    The new browser and method of adding Kontakt libs is broken (via a cog?!), fiddly and frankly ridiculous… The ‘scalable’ browser was a “smoke and mirrors” method to make K7 seem like an upgrade IMHO to make money.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I love Kontakt (or at least my libraries) but I want Kontakt to have some real development - it hasn’t changed in years - awkward little buttons at the top, annoying chunky lib list to the left and a keyboard that often fails to show MIDI note data and needs you to close and re-open to start working again

    Last, K7 always loses keyboard focus on my Mac, Logic Pro setup. I go to type a search term in the K7 browser and the key focus has reverted to Logic, unless I’m typing the name of new Snapshot to save and then it works?

    Thanks for opportunity to comment. Looking forward to the session…

  • EvilDragon
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    Just an FYI, Christian unfortunately got sick so he won't be able to attend the get-together this time around. We will reschedule with him for a different date, however the get-together will still happen at the specified time.

    See ya there!

  • gnapier
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    "Can we please get more options for reordering the browser list in both Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol? I've never understood why there isn't an Alphabetical order option, or a more sophisticated way of grouping instrument/plugin types. At last count, I've got 116 instrument libraries in Kontakt and 194 inside Komplete Kontrol. The default ordering of the browser lists is unwieldy and makes no sense, forcing us to endlessly hunt for what we want."


    Managing and organizing a lot of libraries in Kontakt is truly painful once you go beyond a handful of libraries. There are so many approaches....collapsible drop downs or tabs by instrument type, vendor, user defined categories, tags....almost anything would be better than the painfully slow "grab a library and drag into place, or hide it" method we have now....

    It begins to feel like I am being penalized for buying libraries... 



  • Ali Alyousuf
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    My project template has a mix of both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 for newer libraries (total of 250 tracks), it is a struggle if the library got updated and requires K6 while it is still sitting on a K5 in my template, I know it doesn't happen often, I've experienced it in of the piano libraries from NI once and I somehow understood it's the Kontakt version, but for some, they may not know and the library will play as demo then stop working, and if we open an old project that has K5 for most of the libraries, lets wish for good luck loading the project. Is there a way we can unify the versions so that whenever we upgrade Kontakt, immediately overwrites the older version, this way we don't need to rebuild our templates or lose access to old projects.

  • EvilDragon
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    There is already an alphabetical order option in Kontakt's Libraries tab, by the way...

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Ed M the session won't be recorded. Starting in 10 minutes so hope to see you there. Link will be shared soon.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Andd starting now! Everyone, please find a link to the livestream here.

    [Update: The session has now ended. Link removed.]

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