R.I.P. Metapop



  • MayBeat
    MayBeat Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Metapop was very important and inspiring place and for sure will be missed. It was also one of few places I publish my music for now.

    For that reason I have more technical or maybe legal question, are we allowed to publish our tracks from metapop on other services now, such as soundcloud? Of course I don't mean remixes with copyrighted stems but our tracks created, for example, from samples from NI. Metapop inspired me to make them so I would like them to be still available online somewhere. I'm asking here because I coudn't find any info on this topic.

  • denchk
    denchk Member Posts: 14 Member

    You may ask NI support to be sure, but how I remember community rules, you allowed to upload track that contains samples from NI sample packs to other services.

    I uploaded couple of my Metapop beats to Soundcloud.

  • Royal Tee
    Royal Tee Member Posts: 28 Member

    ftr, I had asked they said anything they allowed for downloads (sans the copyrighted material) was ok for us to use.

  • luxxx
    luxxx Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I had so much fun making remixes and even won a Sebastian Mullaert workshop prize..and was asked to make a remix for Komponent.

    For me playing around with stems without any pretention was really fun.

  • Lylat
    Lylat Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I miss Metapop and come back to this post every now and then in the hope its back or there is something similar. Youre right, one of the greatest aspects of Metapop was its down to earth community and its understated platform.

  • Osirus
    Osirus Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    I want to distribute some of the remixes I created on metapop. Some of them have vocals on. what type of license did metapop tracks have. Can I release these track as original compositions, coversongs, or are these tracks in the public domain?

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