R.I.P. Metapop



  • FilOziFi
    FilOziFi Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Well Metapop is still alive on 3rd May. Honestly losing this platform would be a great void in the music production community. I've tried Beatclub, Soundcloud and various other communities (Reddit etc.) and none come close to the positive inclusivity of Metapop where anyone can post anything, get a few plays and good honest supportive feedback.

    It got me through the pandemic for sure. Sure, the infrastructure is costly but from a marketing POV having this incredible global community for sure is a huge halo for NI which will be lost.

    I'd personally pay $3 per month to keep Metapop open, I think if NI gave users the option of paying something, whatever they can afford, to keep MP open, they'd be surprised at how much the community collectively would contribute.

  • Julian12081998
    Julian12081998 Member Posts: 16 Member

    Biggest mistake from NI for shutting down Metapop. It was a great platform with so much potential to grow even more:(((

  • Reaktfan
    Reaktfan Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    I miss Metapop it was a cool place and the comps were fun. Wish it would continue, easy site to navigate. Bring it back.

  • Reaktfan
    Reaktfan Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    Hi Kenny, I think you have to log in and in prefs allow downloads

  • Made In The Hutch
    Made In The Hutch Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Yes, a small subscription fee would be fine by me to keep it going. I liked the comps and remixes but discovering other artists. For me, it was the most active for feedback. It was a good marketing tool for NI too and as others have said had potential for innovation and collaborations... even co-op deals with Plugin Companies to aid their running costs. Such a shame.

  • univerzal Beatz
    univerzal Beatz Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    ok since you dropped metapop where is all my original tacks? i woul like them back!!!!!!

  • PvAProductions
    PvAProductions Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    edited May 28

    Ok, after all it was a metaF....!

  • jarryminstal
    jarryminstal Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    oh my god , Rest in Peace :(

  • Made In The Hutch
    Made In The Hutch Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Well I got an email from Metapop about 6 weeks ago when they announced they were closing and it gave notice & instructions to download your own tracks before the site was taken down. I did that! (maybe check your Spam) but too late now. Anyway always best to have backups of your own right?

  • only1alientune
    only1alientune Member Posts: 13 Newcomer

    i liked metapop i used to get feedback on my tracks with out paying now i have to pay for feedback which sucks

  • Patrick_G
    Patrick_G Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Il aurait été correct, à mon sens, de la part de NI, d'expliquer clairement les motifs de leur décision.

    Sans doute pouvaient-ils se considĂ©rer comme des "boss" dans cette circonstance ? "C'est moi qui paye. Je te vire quand je veux comme je veux". Ça, c'est peut-ĂȘtre la "lettre du rĂšglement". SĂ»rement. Mais ce ne peut ĂȘtre en aucun cas "l'esprit de la loi".

    Les musiciens avaient trouvĂ© un magnifique refuge sur metapop. Ils s'y sont donc rendu en toute confiance. (Les musiciens - qui sont ceux qui permettent Ă  NI d'exister, soit dit en passant.) NI trouvait son avantage Ă  ĂȘtre ainsi hospitalier, Ă©videmment... J'imagine que cette sociĂ©tĂ© a fait ses comptes, et qu'elle a pensĂ© plus profitable de virer ainsi tous ses hĂŽtes. BĂ©nĂ©fice financier immĂ©diat.

    Perte morale sans rémission.

    BYE NI !

  • Reda Shaheen
    Reda Shaheen Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Very disappointed but how to keep active with Metapop producers

  • Chris Submix
    Chris Submix Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Hello fellow Metapop enthusiasts! I'm one of the original founders/creators behind the Metapop platform. I had the privilege of being part of the founding team that nurtured the platform from its inception until its acquisition by NI. Metapop was my passion for many years, and it's a bummer to see it no longer in active use.

    Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end. I'm excited to share that I'm currently spearheading a new project aimed at facilitating real-time collaboration for producers, songwriters, engineers, and more. We are presently in the Beta phase and are actively seeking individuals to join us in testing the platform. Feel free to visit submix.io and sign up to get involved. I'm eagerly looking forward to connecting with all of you there!

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