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  • Mutis
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    there was one specific on Sound stacks but I can’t find it. Maybe this bring some light even some of these developers maybe aren’t at NI nowadays.

  • GoaSkin
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    Many NI plugins are based on the QT framework, like a lot of other software.

    This is really no secret because some QT DLL libraries are installed beside the plugins. And QT supports Linux deployments.

  • Badgie42
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    With Microsoft announcing an end-date for Windows 10 support there may be a willingness for more people to move to Linux. Windows 11 is still incomplete and requires pc hardware most people don't have. The one thing stopping from going back to Linux is the lack of native VSTs, especially when I've invested so much on Komplete.

    Might there not be an opportunity for NI to stop saying "there is no market" and actually create a market? If you build it they might come.

  • Maciej Repetowski
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    Mac market share is around 9%. Linux might be even more than that. The difference is that Mac is commercial platform (meaning the software is mostly to be paid for, hence the incentive for developers to support it), whereas Linux is mostly freeware or shareware (with noble exceptions, but still).

  • Mutis
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    Mac is a hardware tight integrated software platform solution, not windows, not linux... just different...

    Some hardware vendors tried to sell with Linux (more due to Windows fee than truly as ethical movement) but that's not make a mac alternative. You need a well tailored OS for specific hardware and even embed solutions like M+ can show the path... aren't comparable to mac neither.

    So maybe there's a market for Linux but it relies on "target machine". Even downsized and simplified version called Android has its own struggles to become a reliable market...

    Apple did their homework and now with new Silicon they are growing exponentially the gap between platforms. If things keep at the actual speed in five years x86 will be thing of the past and computers will use variations of ARM chips but computer brands of the future need to move faster than latest 20 years.

    I don't imagine a future with laptops when I can talk directly to JarvisGPT...

  • GoaSkin
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    For me, silicon is the final reason to quit with Apple and macOS. I want to use a modular computer built with the parts of my choice with the freedom to customize it like I want. The apple products from today are the extreme opposite of this. Not with me.

  • Mutis
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    It’s a bet not just “for pissing users”. The memory (among other technologies) is integrated in the SoC so what makes it so powerful makes it less “modular”.

    You can’t get both with Apple’s “bet” for powerxwattage approach. For me is a pro not a con but I’m happy Apple users btw…

  • hugo_nl
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    Hey guys, I only just discovered this thread.

    For what it's worth, I have written native utilities to handle the Komplete Kontrol A25 under Linux in just a couple of hours.

    It's not as integrated and fancy as the commercial software, which probably will never happen, but it will make the keyboard much more usable in any DAW or music authoring software you use. You can map all the buttons to an action, and mapped buttons nicely light up on the device.

    It is specifically written for the A25, but if you have another A-series keyboard I am quite confident it may work for you too. (I am not so confident about the other series.)

    It is still in an early development stage but already very usable. Hit me with a private message so I can send the link to the Github repo.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    Maybe you can contribute to rebellion project.

  • drahcirj
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    Laurence, do you have a guide as to how to get Kontakt stuff working in Ubuntu please? It looks so complicated I haven't even thought about trying - just using plugins that work in Linux natively for now

  • illegitimate-egg
    illegitimate-egg Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Native Access isn't working with just Stock wine. At first it complains about not being able to install dependencies and afterwards it immediately crashes with a javascript error.

  • Overlord
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    edited October 2023

    Presonnus announce studio one bêta 6.5 on Ubuntu.... perahps things are changing

  • filipkowal
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    I'd love to use Maschine on my Ubuntu 22.04. Have a great day :)

  • marekziem
    marekziem Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    yeh what's going on with traktor that they won't just parallel linux but (ugh) bow to mac. c'mon vorsprung engineers

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