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  • Gryphon304
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    I just discovered this thread, so allow me a bit of background:

    Although I think Windows is generally a good OS, Microsofts business practices annoyed me more and more.

    So I made the switch to Linux (endeavourOS) last week. My DAW (Reaper) comes in a native Linux version, my audio interface (MOTU M4) works perfectly OOTB. Spitfire Audio, Waves, u-he, Bogren, Modartt and a lot of other plugins also work fine either natively or by using Wine and yabridge. (Some research and fiddling were needed to get all of this running.)

    Also Native Access 1.14 runs under Wine and it's possible to authorize and download NI plugins. Installation however needs to be done manually from the .iso file that Native Access downloads. That's a bit annoying, but doable and so far all plugins I installed work really well.

    Only exception I found is Komplete Kontrol (it's a pity but I can live with that) and recently the freebie iZotope EQ. It shows up in my Native Access but I can't install it. FAQ says I need the newer version of Native Access. Unfortunately, Native Access 2 does not run in Wine, so this is the first Plugin I really can't use in Linux. That makes me fear what will happen with future releases...

    Coming back to the main topic of this thread:

    Honestly, I can understand NI is not working on bringing their entire product range or even parts of it to Linux. The possible reasons have already been mentioned here and elsewhere.

    But that leaves us with a Hen-Egg problem. Linux' userbase is too small to create a market interest, but how should it grow without the availability of good and established software?

    If I could wish for something from NI, it would just be to make the latest Native Access version runable in Wine. I don't mind using Wine and going some extra steps to get the plugins working. Also I don't expect NI to provide any additional service or support, as we all know this is expensive. Just open up the possibility for the community to download and authorize their purchased plugins under Linux and let the community do the rest.

    This brings a chance to slowly gain a reputation for the brand of being "Linux friendly", without an unsure return-on-invest. Maybe in the future the Linux audio community will be big and "worthy" enough to get native NI stuff... In the meantime, please just don't block us from buying and using your software.

    PS: Maybe Spotify can serve as a role model, although they even go one step further: They provide a Linux native version of their client, as "[...] a labor of love from our engineers that wanted to listen to Spotify on their Linux development machines.". They clearly state that there's no support, so really no money needed for testing and service. But it's of great marketing value!

    (As I cannot post links, you'll have to google "Spotify linux for yourself to find their page 😉 )

  • Matthew_NI
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    Chiming in just to confirm that at this time, there are no plans to support Linux with our installed products.

    It comes down to return on investment, or lack thereof.

    Sorry to not have better news, but I'd rather be transparent than I would instill false hope.

  • dexl
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    +1 for Komplete Kontrol (higer than v. 1) under Linux

  • bass
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    + 2 for NI Komplete 14 on Linux.

    I used tracktion waveform on Linux.

    If i can have NI Komplet on Linux , the World will be perfect.

    I think is not very complex to compile on Linux.

    Now you have many tool for automatique compilation and test.

    jenkins, artifactory are tool for developper, who can help you.

    Many manufacture use Linux for sound ( MPC Live ... ) Is time for go to Linux.

    When editors DAW will be go to Linux, I'll not need MACOS.

    Thank you, for reading my bad english.

  • BIF
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    Every 10 years or so, I install some version of Linux, and every 10 years, I rage-quit it. It's just too scatter-brained for me. I can't find what I need, and sometimes what I need doesn't exist. I have to deal with Linux on my NAS, and while most things work fine, one problem could knock me down for weeks. I'm just more proficient with Windows and Mac.

    Oh sure, I have a Windows 10 machine in the art studio that would probably be just fine if I convert it to Linux instead of upgrading it before Win10 goes out of support. That machine just doesn't need to run music software. If it has a web browser and the ability to connect to YT or other places for me to watch training videos, then it's probably "good enough to be good enough".

    But then that's limiting. I'm GOING to want to run a music creation program, and sorry; not Reaper. I'm GOING to want to run an animation product. Blender should run fine on Linux, but that's not the only animation product I'll want to use.

    I guess for me, it's more limiting to NOT be able to run Mac OS or Windows than it would be to not be able to run Linux.

    Especially with the recent innovations in efficiency and performance CPU cores from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and especially Apple with its Mx silicon, Linux will continue to be #4 for my general purpose compute needs, behind Windows, MacOS, and iOS/iPadOS. #4 is not going to be my first choice for anything simply because it doesn't deserve to be.

    Maybe in 10 years I'll be all Linux. After all, my washer, dryer, NAS, security system, car, a couple of book readers, at least one tablet, and Roland keyboard all use Linux. But for TODAY, I'll upgrade that old I7 in the art room. And it will have Windows 11.


  • prohin
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    edited December 2023

    +1 for Linux!! Especially for my Maschine Mikro MK3. To all those who think Linux is an inferior OS, Linux is faster, less resource intensive, more programmable and customizable than other operating systems.

  • MaikR
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    +1 for some kind of Linux support

  • Simchris
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    maybe if linux users were willing to pay for dev costs it might happen, but unlikely

  • MaikR
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    Paying to NI upfront, so before the release of something…? Good one 😆

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