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  • Juliettealison
    Juliettealison Member Posts: 2 Noise

    No idea why it hangs. Starting with 'wine setup.exe' or something should give some info in the console and the WINE version should be not ancient. If you are installing from a mounted ISO, unpack it and copy to an accessible folder by wine inside drive_c. That worked for installing some Kontakt libs which refused to run the installer from inside the image.

  • Laurence Taylor
    Laurence Taylor Member Posts: 6 Sine

    I should say to @Monochrome that all-bar-none of Native Instruments audio engines and user interfaces work in Linux with the compatability program WINE. There's perhaps one core component broken (Komplete Kontrol), and one optional (the Native Access ISO driver).

    I'm not talking about 'developing software for Linux' in the way you suggest; the vast majority of things are already running happily thanks to the OS crowd.

  • leumas
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    please, how did you manage to install native access? It is downloaded as .exe file and i have no idea how to install it. Any attempt fails, tried to downgrade wine and mount it, but it is always failure..

  • Laurence Taylor
    Laurence Taylor Member Posts: 6 Sine

    You have to be more specific. What do you do, and what errors do you get?

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