Windows 11 compatibility updates?

Robin Scallion
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I'm confused, the NI products are great musical tools which I love, but a full price production suite and should be supported accordingly for the major operating systems given the price point of the products.

The pre-release of Windows 11 for developers to test on has been out for over six months, the NI article has not been updated since December 9 at the time of my posting here.

People are now buying new hardware with Win 11 pre-installed, so the argument of “wait” for those people doesn’t carry much weight anymore. It’s been months with no real change in this space.

Can NI put another update on the Win 11 article please?


  • Simchris
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    All my stuff works on windows 11, what issue are you having?

  • Nico_NI
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    Compatibility fixes should be sorted out by the end of Q2. Next one is Kontakt.

  • fredrik
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    What about hardware driver updates?

    I'm experiencing audio crackles and ghost notes after moving to W11. It might not be related to NI, but it would be nice to get W11-ready firmware and drivers to be able to rule that out of the troubleshooting.

    I'm using Komplete Audio 6 MkII + the A61 keyboard.

  • Nico_NI
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    Same goes for hardware, we'll declare compatibility and update the drivers as soon as we're done testing and tweaking. We'll share updates here whenever available 🙏

  • blackdoginSeattle
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    I cant seem to get Guitar Rig 6 to output effects with Windows 11 and Focusrite 4i4

    I have all the latest drivers. I can get guitar thru focusrite output speakers ok. I get other sounds and music just fine.

    Just GR6 does not seem to change any effects at all. I can see the IN meet move with i strum a chord. But no effects play when i switch around apps or presets. I have GR6 preferences set ASIO, Device=Focusrite USB ASIO. The status is "Running". I have the GR6 L set to Input 1, and GR6 Out L set to Output 1 and GR6 R set to Output2. Sample rate 44100

    Is this a bug or am i missing something in my config?

  • Nico_NI
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    Guitar Rig is not yet officially compatible with Windows 11.

  • Milkman
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    Nobody should be allowing themselves to be pushed through to yet another premature windows release after 10 is smack in the middle of its prime, and IDGAF about microsoft's profit generation schedule. Their ability to rake in profits is not my concern.

    Everything that is altered on 11 could have been put in 10 with a patch or 2, just like win7 could still be in its prime if it was decided by M$. These cycles are speeding up, and M$ knows most end-users have no idea what is under the hood - nor do they care. They just like shiny new things with new desktop wallpaper, new start menus, new WDM behaviors, etc. Perhaps we can have 3 control panels/settings/config pages to do the same thing in 11!

  • three_eyed_otter
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    I've been using GR6 with a Roland USB to 1/4 inch cable & my severely old motu ultra lite mk2 interface with ASIO4ALL on Windows 11...I did have to restart GR6 to get the audio preferences to take, but it worked just yesterday. Like a fool on autopilot I upgraded my computer to Windows 11, so I'm at the mercy of whatever odd behavior I get with the NI software.

    Have a good one,


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