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  • Alexanderexpander
    Alexanderexpander Member Posts: 4 Member

    hey, to give here my 5 cents on that subscription topic: i am using Traktor since 2005. i testet all main dj software competitor. traktor is by far still my favourite when it comes to sound, stability, and specialy, how you can adapt traktor to your personal use... serato and rekordbox have a subscription model. belive me, i am also not the biggest fan of subscription. but i can understand Native. new features need good creative employees. those needed to be payed. and native need regulary money to invest in new Features. traktor 3 was coming out 3.5years ago cost me 50€... this i pay on serato for 5 months!

    unfortunaly i missed the survey: but here my 3 main feature wishlist:

    1. intuituve track taggin system.
    2. elastic beatgrid detection.
    3. phase integration like serato
    4. HID denon support...

    i wish native specialy traktor coming back on the innovative road...

  • psyh0x
    psyh0x Member Posts: 12 Member

    NI - start support your products they are not updated - the firmware is 2 more then 3 years old

    im considering buying another controller - but if you start monthly fee i dont think i will stay with N

    and probably move to other products who get more updated and suppoortive

  • dj_estrela
    dj_estrela Member Posts: 158 Pro

    Survey link is down.

    I just want Elastic Beatgrids.

    Is the price a subscription? So be it.

    I don't care anymore. You won me by exhaustion.

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 251 Pro

    I won’t be subscribing.

  • Svensk
    Svensk Member Posts: 16 Member
    edited February 2022

    For a subscruption model Traktor has to move its developement to „Warp 10“ 🖖🏻 to stay on the market.

    Using Traktor 2 since 2003 …

    So „easy“ things are „a never ending story“ for example: M1 Support, S8 iPad Support, a App that syncs between Mac, iPhone, iPad … Stems on the fly, Retina Support, TAG editing, Support for Lightshows, Support /Partnerships to Wolfmix etc.

    Using and loving my S8 but there ist no S8 V2 announced so i will have to choose now stay or go … i prefer „go“ to RekordBox

  • Scoox
    Scoox Member Posts: 7 Member
    edited February 2022

    They've dropped a couple of updates a year ago just to pretend they are doing something. NI's reputation is just keep sinking lower and lower. A company that cares about customers is more communicative. It's cringy that NI keeps pushing S3 ads on Youtube and deceitfully marketing it like it's the latest and greatest controller ever, while the software side remains stagnant. I think they are just trying to milk it while they can. If beginner DJs are still buying the hardware, sell it, right? Once sales starts to slow down, they will discontinue it and move on. NI used to be about the users.

  • Wyley
    Wyley Member Posts: 239 Pro
    edited February 2022

    The survey mentioned Elastic Beatgrids, Stem separation and I think motorized jogs also.

    The subscription part of the survey was more about opinion. If we like the status quo with features coming slowly or subscription with features and updates coming more often. I feel there was a social engineering aspect to the survey and I also felt that NI are still trying to figure out what direction to take Traktor going forward.

    What question was missing was how many people are using competitor products with Traktor. If a survey or a poll were to be conducted I predict we might see a nice chunk of the Traktor population are just a usb cable or usb stick away from free access to another platform.

    How many here are using a rekordbox unlocked device with Traktor?

    How many here are using a Serato unlocked device with Traktor?

    And how many want those devices fully supported in Traktor?

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    Has the survey closed ? Link goes nowhere. But I'll also state I wouldn't want a subscription model to just keep using what I have today. I was happy to pay the upgrade fee for traktor 3 and would do again for 4.

    SPOUKATA Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    How do I download TRAKTOR DJ 2 OR 3 as all I got was KONTAKT AND REAKTOR 6 after downloading and signing up to NATIVE ACCESS

    Many Thanks Dan.

    Screenshot of available downloads but no Traktor DJ 2 or 3 Software

  • DJ Iain
    DJ Iain Member Posts: 1 Member

    Nope. I will not go to a subscription model.

    If you need to generate a larger revenue stream, increase the frequency of substantive updates to both software and hardware, adding the features your users have been requesting for years. If / when you do, THEN you can make those paid upgrades.

    Conversely, turning to a subscription model is a recipe for disaster. It will build upon the ambivalence that already exists amongst Traktor users. The result: a further erosion in your already dwindling user base - leaving fewer resources for upgrades, meaning even more will leave,… and so on. The downward spiral.

    You’ve down the surveys. You know how large the ‘non-working dj’ segment of your user base is! They are the least likely to see value in a subscription model. Ignore them at your peril.

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,124 admin

    Hey there, please reach out to our support we can troubleshoot this:

    For your next posts, please create a new thread.

  • tetsuneko
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    As someone who has used TRAKTOR since the very first version was released, I have no interest in Traktor whatsoever if it becomes a subscription-only system. I'm still waiting for Native Files app support for the iOS version.. where is it? I've switched to using Algoriddim DJay on iOS because it's way past TraktorDJ2 in it's current state. I've also bought a DenonDJ -based standalone media player system (Numark Mixstream Pro) for playing casual snall gigs. Thinking of selling my S2 Mk3 to be honest.

    Traktor set the benchmark for digital DJing, but has sadly been left behind by the competition over the years. The next version better be something extraordinary if NI wants to restore my faith in Traktor.

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