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  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,547 mod
    edited February 2022

    There are so many questions in this thread. But no answers from NI.

    Are you working on a new code? Because that is the only way to get subscribers.

  • Noisey
    Noisey Member Posts: 11 Member

    Remix decks are way more useful than You think. The remix decks are the only reason why I still use traktor. No software or hardware yet is able to substitute for this functionality. Properly used Remix decks are the most powerful sampler/looper for live remixing.

    I would love to see a further development of remix decks.

    As for Platters/jog wheels - Denon is the way. it should be supported by traktor since day 1...

  • Scratch-E Con
    Scratch-E Con Member Posts: 87 Advisor

    Talking about Traktor - I recall we are still awaiting some big announcement of what's next that was promised us last Christmas.

    So @Matt_NI wassup?

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro
    edited February 2022

    Only if scratch/jogwheel control is a must. If not, Ableton (and similar solutions) are more flexible in different departments.

    I will love to see a Toraiz like hardware sampler with “encoder” (scratch/jogwheel) support…

  • bobbyduracel
    bobbyduracel Member Posts: 28 Member

    I would not want to subscribe to use Traktor, personally.

    Could we get a plugin version to allow us to have “the bridge” with Ableton an Traktor?

    How about a standalone traktor unit that slays the competition?

  • Anselm.
    Anselm. Member Posts: 29 Member

    I've defended the Traktor ways even through buggy releases, been a long term user, bought all the updates/upgrades, had plenty of devices... against all this Traktor is still my favourite toy, so if you do some feature that pays the upgrade I am willing to do so, fair enough to give 60-80€/year. Before you should definitely work on the library (which you know of!) and elastic beatgrids (personal opinion).

  • matty303
    matty303 Member Posts: 3 Member

    As a (very occasional) hobbyist I wouldn't want to pay a subscription to still use the software as it's not worth the monthly (?) outlay for the amount I use Traktor.

    However if a subscription model was introduced why not have a basic one-off payment version, like the current, and then subscription tiers adding features? I believe this has been suggested earlier in the thread too.

  • Noisey
    Noisey Member Posts: 11 Member

    Well, no. You don't get the same possibilities on any device or other software. You can't just make a loop, and with one button, copy it and instantly sync it and playback in the other place. Also after Your jam, you can save all the loops and samples. Again, no other program let's you do it on the fly with sync and such precision.

  • Jackpot Slot Machine
    Jackpot Slot Machine Member Posts: 18 Helper

    would DVS be subscription add-on? like it is with both Serato and RB. Traktor has from the start been the DVS go to, I have traktor scratch certified hardware and soundcards, I'd hope I wouldn't have to pay again to keep them working.

  • Wyley
    Wyley Member Posts: 239 Pro

    Finally the app is updated and now has midi mapping.

    I bought this app and an iRig Pro awhile back to use with my iPhone for practicing but using only the touchscreen was the drawback because I could never get the timing right. It's got good fx too.

    However it's not a replacement or for remix decks if you're a dj who uses Traktor.

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    So we've gone from a nice forum where the "Traktor team" Jonas, Friedemann and Vangelis would regularly reply to threads with issues, bugs and feature requests... To a position where someone who clearly doesn't actively work on the software, has to circle back once every three months to get some answers? 😆

    I realise this does actually free up the Traktor team's time a bit more, but this does just seem more like 'smoke and mirrors', rather than a genuine attempt by NI at being more open and transparent about the direction in which Traktor is heading.

    Happy to be proved wrong when Matt does come back to us though. I live in hope.

  • gwebbyuk
    gwebbyuk Member Posts: 4 Member

    I switched to DJay Pro about a year ago because of their isolation on vocals feature. There are a few too many bugs for my liking on there but I reckon they're on the case and trying their best to repair those.

    It's been about the same time since the last Traktor update - nearly a year. I came back on here to see what the latest fixes were for the same old problems and I see there are none, just a new forum, asking me about what OP system and processor I'm using. Jesus.

    I have the S4 mk3 and it is perfect for me, except I can't use it on any other software because there is no midi mode. I would happily use it without the (fantastic) motorised wheels on other software, but can't. The one thing that brought me to Traktor more than10 years ago has alienated me from it now. Usability and flexibility.

    I want to return, but I'm not sure how to.

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