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  • Tim Slawik
    Tim Slawik Member Posts: 12 Member

    when can we expect the compatibility (Traktor Pro 3) with M1 Pro or Max Chip. Serato is already runnin with it ! We need this for Live Performance. I think this should be No.1 on your to do list.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    Don’t worry, next traktor will be subscription cloud based so it will run on web browser.

    iroic mode: off?

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    I kind of agree with this. On one hand they say they will be communicating more frequently but on the other hand it’s become less frequent. Generally being quiet tends to mean new product is on the way. No new beta for months so I’m thinking the old code has gone as far as it can.

  • Robert Jean-Louis
    Robert Jean-Louis Member Posts: 2 Member

    After Reading most of the comments. I understand why most people will NOT want to pay. If Traktor was more like Virtual DJ and worked with 99% if all of the DJ Hardware that is out there than Heck Yeah! If it had what everyone has been complaining about. Flex beat grid... Then Sure! Whatever it takes to keep Traktor Going. BUT if you think that people are going to invest in a company that is marginal in its updates and taking for ever to be compatible with the main DJ hardware! THEN Virtual DJ IT IS. Plus virtual dj works with all of Traktor hardware. For me the most important thing is the remix deck. And Virtual DJ pro will do that. Traktor Think! Believe people will drop you. But if you fix, all of the traktor issues and come into the present with everything, everyone has been complaining about for YEARS you will thrive in the DJ eco system. IF NOT, let everyone know so we can be on our way to greener DJ Software. (Mind You I love Traktor) But not being compliant with the basic..... Get it together!!!!

  • ScsSr
    ScsSr Member Posts: 2 Member

    While I'm not a Pro DJ by any means. I have spent what I consider a lot of money on NI products over the years.

    Primarily because it was NOT a subscription based purchase. Subscriptions are money making mechanism pure and simple. Whether or not NI gives value for the income it will generate from subscription models is the question. If they follow the trending subscriptions models, no I don't think so. As others have said, it would be a sad day, but I would have to stop supporting NI. I'm sure that won't sway any decisions in the NI corporate boards rooms. But it will keep my money where it belongs.

    My 2 cents.


  • matty303
    matty303 Member Posts: 3 Member
  • Dj Mayo
    Dj Mayo Member Posts: 16 Member

    Maybe something is arriving?

  • Nobbi
    Nobbi Member Posts: 36 Member

    Maybe maybe maybe …………🥱🥱🥱

  • Dogatech
    Dogatech Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I recently bought and moved to Traktor over RekordBox from Serato because there wasn't a subscription model. I understand money is needed to support a dev team & updates, but I'd rather see this as paid upgrades similar to NI Komplete and Ableton Live.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 472 Pro

    X1 mk3 and Traktor One (new Traktor build over Traktor Dj2 but with in app purchases for Traktor 3 features plus the option to full unlock everything with soft subscription model like Roland Zenbeats or similar.)

    That’s my bet.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
    Tellmeaboutit123 Member Posts: 493 Guru

    Something defo brewing. I reckon between now and end of June, we will know something. They say spring which could be anytime up to end of June. Let’s wait and see. Beta has all gone quiet, so nowt happening now until new has been announced. That’s my 2 cents

  • D2Lover
    D2Lover Member Posts: 42 Helper

    I've got April 21st penciled in my diary for some reason. 😎

  • markski
    markski Member Posts: 26 Helper

    I really hope its increased support for 3rd party hardware 🙏

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 87 Helper

    "You will own nothing and you will be happy"

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 245 Guru

    What's going on over there Matt?

    A full month has passed and we can't get even the most basic of updates?

    It's clear now that NI does not care about the needs of it's consumers, only about keeping to it's carefully scripted marketing road map.


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