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  • Scratch-E Con
    Scratch-E Con Member Posts: 93 Advisor

    Amen to that. 3rd party HW support should be at the top of their backlog. What good are 'new improved FX' to me if I can't properly use them with my RANE Seventy mixer?

  • Jackpot Slot Machine
    Jackpot Slot Machine Member Posts: 18 Helper

    It must be very nice to receive a personalised version of Traktor ;)😜

    I'd like my personal version to have a gridding system that allows for changing tempos, doesn't even have to be elastic grids, something like Engine Prime has would be great.

  • Iceman the Dj
    Iceman the Dj Member Posts: 32 Helper

    I still check for news ! Nothing yet... 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I am curious for the new effects, maybe new mixer effects to !

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    I want drum machine :-) but ive not got latest generation hardware... I do have z1, z2, x1mk2, f1 and an aging denon mc6000 (mk1!) that still gets dusted off.... and I keep watching s2 and s4 mk3's on ebay... but im waiting to see how they are going to integrate the "drum machine" with those before deciding if I want more gear. (well I always want more gear..).

    pretty sure they will do something with the f1 as they did that already, and the s4 mk3 already has a limited drum sequencer.... but would the s2 mk3 get it? doesnt have the "record" (mappable?) button like the s4 but it does have the same 8 pads.

    cmon tell us something NI.... the suspense is killing me (us). Doesnt look like you are at NAMM again this year? And superbooth didnt have any traktor announcements.... so when?

  • gwebbyuk
    gwebbyuk Member Posts: 4 Member

    'Dear TRAKTOR Community, following up our promise last year to keep in touch with you more frequently, this is to welcome you in our new Community Platform'.

    That's the very first sentence in this thread. Embarrassing. We're not expecting NI to give us full details of everything they're doing on here, but a message a week would at least keep people from trawling Traktors name through the mud. It could even make the most hard-line, defiant hater of Traktor, at least curious. Instead the loyal D.J's who are still here are met with silence, with not even an "I will pass the message on to our Dev's" message. Just being listened to, talked to and reassured, is a cathartic and helpful way of keeping people on-side.

  • someone
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    edited May 2022

    not to join the band wagon but everyone on here is correct ive been using NI since i was i think 19 im now 30 and still screaming F@%K! every time it updates or i get new hardware when its first dropped ALWAYS issues and now i have the latest pro 3 with my s4 mk3 and it literally cant set a beat grid on tracks from beatlink aka beatport so i wonder have 1000s of producers just not grid their tracks correct or is it your software? along with organizing by key or bpm in my offline and link folders mid set it will just snap back to random order that it was places in the playlist also changes in my settings do not stick nor do the tracks i actually grid im by the book with this and i have a degree in software i can tell you that NI i love but the past 2 years has just been empty promises i got the s4 mk3 i spent 1400 on it and many other products of yours yet im still having issues that are clearly on your end of the updates. its just upsetting i drop all this money on your products and have minor and major issues...and before we get the people in IT over here my computer's are more than capable of handling a full studio i know its not my hardware i just want it to work properly. i feel thats fair considering my purchase amount over the years could have been a down payment on a tesla literally... i just want to be able to open your software and play a set not having to worry if something goes wrong

  • Friedemann_NI
    Friedemann_NI Product Team Posts: 94 mod

    Hey everyone, 

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’ve been closely following your comments!

    Today, we’re excited to kick off a new round of TRAKTOR PRO beta testing.

    The beta test is public, so everyone owning a TRAKTOR PRO 3 license can participate. 

    For more details and for downloading the first beta of this new test cycle, please visit our TRAKTOR PUBLIC Beta Test section.

    The beta area is a great place to give direct feedback to the development team, report bugs and suggest improvements or tweaks to the new features. Since we are also currently working on a new format for everyone to ask more specific questions about what’s happening on our side (hint: we’re bringing something fun some community members might recognize), our community team will be closing this thread. 

    Happy testing! We look forward to your comments and ideas.

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