There HAS to be a way to STOP Maschine from scanning EVERY plugin on start up

Joseph CR Vourteque
Joseph CR Vourteque Member Posts: 2 Noise

Guys, I am at my wits end.

I love Maschine but I loaded it literally 8 minutes ago and it's STILL scanning every plugin on my machine. It does this every time (this time is particularly slow) and I really need it to stop.

I have unclicked EVERYTHING I can think of to stop this madness. I run a Windows machine and do not care if this isn't an issue on Macs, because I'm not going to stop using Windows. So can someone PLEASE get me a work around?

At the very least - NI - can you fix this? this is ridiculous. Since I started writing it is STILL scanning every damn thing.

Thanks all



  • Joseph CR Vourteque
    Joseph CR Vourteque Member Posts: 2 Noise

    Okay I FIXED it! If you are on a Windows machine you need to throw the friggin garbage ScanApp program away - well don't actually, save it in another folder until you need to scan more plugins. But jeez that thing is awful. NI you really need to make a way to disable it that doesn't require someone to dig into their computer. Seriously.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 909 admin

    Hey @Joseph CR Vourteque pressing ESC on your computer keyboard should stop it from scanning.

    P.S. You're not the only one with this question: Speed Up Sartup and disable plugin scanning 🙂

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