There HAS to be a way to STOP Maschine from scanning EVERY plugin on start up

Joseph CR Vourteque
Joseph CR Vourteque Member Posts: 11 Member
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Guys, I am at my wits end.

I love Maschine but I loaded it literally 8 minutes ago and it's STILL scanning every plugin on my machine. It does this every time (this time is particularly slow) and I really need it to stop.

I have unclicked EVERYTHING I can think of to stop this madness. I run a Windows machine and do not care if this isn't an issue on Macs, because I'm not going to stop using Windows. So can someone PLEASE get me a work around?

At the very least - NI - can you fix this? this is ridiculous. Since I started writing it is STILL scanning every damn thing.

Thanks all




  • Joseph CR Vourteque
    Joseph CR Vourteque Member Posts: 11 Member

    Okay I FIXED it! If you are on a Windows machine you need to throw the friggin garbage ScanApp program away - well don't actually, save it in another folder until you need to scan more plugins. But jeez that thing is awful. NI you really need to make a way to disable it that doesn't require someone to dig into their computer. Seriously.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,441 admin

    Hey @Joseph CR Vourteque pressing ESC on your computer keyboard should stop it from scanning.

    P.S. You're not the only one with this question: Speed Up Sartup and disable plugin scanning 🙂

  • trusampler
    trusampler Member Posts: 65 Helper

    This isn't really a solution, NI dev's need to make plugin scanning faster period. Turning off the scanning of plugins doesn't help ,if you want to keep your plugins up to date. NI dev's need to fix this!

  • JesterMgee
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    No issue on my end and I have over 600 plugins on Windows, something else is going on if it causes a full plugin scan every time but the software needs to know on startup what plugins are available, what ones have been removed, updated, etc so it will always need to be done or you will likely have issues loading things.

  • trusampler
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    How is this a solution to the problem? Stopping the scan doesn't magically help anyone here, if the plugins aren't scanned say after a new update , then you just stop the plugins in Maschine/Komplete Kontrol from working properly.

    This is exactly what's wrong with NI. Your company is completely aware of the issue, yet there's BEEN no development to fix the problem. Stopping the scan process isn't a solution, you need to fix the slow speeds that it takes to scan.

    Google it, for what a decade now , NI has had this problem, and users have a ton of YOUTUBE videos, basically telling others to just move the scan app to a new folder. What a joke NI, how about actually fixing the SCAN APP!

    Make it work properly once and for all, for all.

    I'm sorry to be so blunt here, but this is what the new NI dev team looks like nowadays.

  • Michael Arthur Holloway
    Michael Arthur Holloway Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    And it gets even worse -- on my iMac, hitting ESC during the plugin scan starts a beachball / hanging that never ends, and I have to force quit Maschine. This always happens -- in other words, I can't skip the plugin scan, ever.

  • Gray Sun
    Gray Sun Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I find that on Windows if you disable Real-Time Protection in Windows Security, Maschine scan app runs much faster.

  • darkogav
    darkogav Member Posts: 69 Member

    FWIW.. I had this problem and it was driving me crazy. I went through and cleared out a whole much of freebie plugins I had that I was never using, and the problem all of a sudden went away. IIRC, it was a vst2 plugin that was the same plugin name that I would always see when maschine was loading and hanging during scanning.

    My advice is, look closely at the loading screen and take note of the name of the plugin Maschine is hanging on during start up. Then track it down and remove it, and see if Maschine loads faster. If you really need it, they try to re-download.

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,591 Expert

    I have many, many plugins and scan is fast.

  • trusampler
    trusampler Member Posts: 65 Helper
    edited November 2022

    Thanks for the tip, but again this isn't a solution either, and while I can appreciate you for posting that, we shouldn't have to lose access to an important security feature for windows, or have to disable the scan process on mac's etc. because Native Instruments refuses to work a little harder to develop a better solution for it's end users.

    We as customers are in fact the reason they actively have a job to go to. We've got to start standing up to this behavior.

  • trusampler
    trusampler Member Posts: 65 Helper

    I have numerous daws, with all of the same plugins I use in Maschine. None of the scans are this slow. It has everything to do with Scan App.

    It's great to hear a couple success stories on fast scan's, but just google it, and see how many issues over the years scan app has.

  • T3chn!c!@n
    T3chn!c!@n Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Crazy how it's still an issue. I have been slowly migrating to VST3 so disabling all my VST2 once the devs come out with the VST3 version. Mine does a full scan everytime on 2.16.1 and I have to press ESC to quit it. IF I update an app or install new ones I will let the full scan go. I don't bother with moving or renaming the ScanApp. Studio One 6 however scans very fast and essentially skips over VSTs it has already scanned in the past that are validated. I wish Maschine would do the same.

  • bernsense
    bernsense Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Also here on a Mac, as soon as you add or change (update) a plugin, it initiates a lengthy scan. I wish the MASCHINE Preferences would be more helpful, the Plug-ins tab has no features that are actually useful, like 'disable all VST3 plug-ins', or 'disable all non-NI plug-ins'... having to go through each and every of what looks like thousands of plugins is just not professional. Some of us just don't need 500 compressor versions inside MASCHINE

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