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    I have most of the Roland cloud done (well the stuff that will work anyway) for PC, but untagged and untested because it was just to test things out during a free trial (as not something I want to invest a monthly fee into personally). However I placed it on hold until KK supports VST3 so mac users can also use it.

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    Wow, you are quick! I haven't even dowloaded the new LABS instrument yet! Thank you as always. 😀

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    Thankyou Eight4aWish. This folder name was the missing link, for me to get the plugin and splash screen displaying in macro mode on my device. I use Mac and used the previously released Spire 1.1 nks user banks from the depository. Have had to modify some of these and the metadata to get them all organised but Spire was the only one I couldn't suss out one of the screens. Clearly as that long number you provided was totally the fix and I never would have got that. Maybe this is something to do with preset magician and how a pc organises files. I think it presents slightly different on Mac, but the original presets are mapped well and work a treat.

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    s_aizawa thank you sooooo much for this!!!! Seriously can't say enough how much your nks packs are appreciated!

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    Full NKS Package (345 presets from 2080, Caramel and Euphoria; banks/subbanks, previews, detailed type/character tags and control mapping)

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    Fantastic s_aizawa! Thanks for these!

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    Hello. I was wondering if someone would be interested in making the factory presets for valhalla vintage verb. Thanks.

  • Jericho528
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    Seriously awesome thank you. @Solncev_

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    edited February 2022

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to know where to find the UPID for any VST. Someone in the old forum mentions a product list pdf, but I guess there must be an easier way to detect the UPID of each plugin. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I found the answer in the old forum answered by @JesterMgee which you can find here.

    "If it is the UPID name you can find this by saving a NKS preset within Komplete Kontrol then opening it with a text editor."

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    Hi s_aizawa. Thank you for sharing nks!!

    How long did it take to make such a lot of nks files?

    Are there any automated ways or did you make them one by one?

    I'm just curious.

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    Hi. Would someone be willing to make presets for surge?

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