Consolidating a track leads to a rough "cutting" or "popping" sound at the end

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Hi there! I've been using Komplete 13's assortment of guitar plugins and I must say that for the most part am super impressed with the quality and sound design. My one issue that I seem to be getting quite often is when I go to consolidate and export the track in wav. form, there seems to be an overlap in the chords strummed. I've attached an image of what it usually looks like for me. When the file is being played on repeat, there doesn't seem to be any real awkward "popping" sound, but it only occurs upon export at the very end when the chords stop strumming. For reference the DAW I am using is FL Studio. Any tips are appreciated! Thanks in advance

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    These are the endings:

    They are for all patterns and depend on what previous note was played.

    You can check the manual here.


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