Please NI - give us an email address where we can get support from a real person.

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I'm a little bit in disbelieve, I love NI products and have many of them and will still get more. But when I tried to buy an Update for Komplete on the website my VAT number wasn't taken into account, so I thought, no problem, I'M JUST GONNA DROP AN EMAIL TO SUPPORT.

Well, easier said than done, it takes me to endless menus switching in language (and I tried several of them) and in the end to a page "This page is not available".

No Email, no chat, no phone number, no way to contact a real person.

So I went over to Thomann and ordered the Komplete update with no incident.

Please NI don't give us this neglected customer support like huge corporate firms that will avoid at any price to communicate directly with their customers. Give us a person we can talk to - an easy-to-find email address, phone number & chat.

Love your products, keep it up!


  • Kubrak
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    If you open Ticket you comunicate with real person. At least, it was like that in past. But it takes day, two, three.

    And sometimes I had the feeling that the person did not read carefully. Probably reading too fast. So, it seems to me, writting very short and condensed description works best.

    Live Chat used to work fine for more complicated things, but I am not sure if it still works.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Markus_S Not sure what happened here, we have a dedicated support section with typeforms where you can always submit a request, I've just checked now and it's totally working, in both french and english. There is even a little video explaining how it works:

    As mentioned before, you also have the possibility to get in contact by direct chat (in any language). These days, our time responses are usually around 1 working day.

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    I am having similar problems. After reporting a distortion problem (Support ticket 2912309) using the new update 6.7.1 in Kontakt 6 I received an email requesting me to create snapshot of my system in a file called “”. This file is 31.5 MB.

    I tried to send this on an isp linked to my account but they only allowed 10mb.

    I then tried to send the file on my hotmail account (Support ticket (2912060) but they said I couldn't reply to the Zendesk email platform used by NI.

    When I asked how to get the requested file to NI I got a reply saying that I couldn't reply to this email address.

    All emails (including the one saying I couldn't reply to this address) had the message:

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -## above the text.

    Now I have two support tickets open which I know is wasting both NI and my time.

    NI are probably waiting for the requested file before continuing with my support ...... only I can't get it to them. It does seem like a standard reply which is impossible to fulfil.

    I have watched all the support videos for an answer. I have also looked for my support tickets in My Account but can't find them.

    In the Kontakt forum threads a solution was to re-install Kontakt. I have tried to do this three times with varying degrees of success.

    I have been using Kontakt for sixteen years and never had this problem before

    So, unfortunately, I agree that the NI support system is very inefficient and I cannot get any help either.

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    Hey @iam1788 About your request 2912060, my colleague got back to you on June 8th and got no reply from you. If you haven't seen that answer yet, I would recommend checking your inbox, inbox filters and spam folders and get back to him.

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