How can I get rid of clicking/popping in the Apricot preset in Form?

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I'm using the Apricot preset in the Form synth within Reaktor, and I'm getting this heavy clicking/popping when I play a note. If it helps, the note I am playing is at E2, but it happens at almost any key I play. I've already made a whole song with this synth as the main bass. I didn't notice until I was about to post my track, that there is a loud clicking sound. If you click on the "sound" tab, and turn the amp all the way down, the clicking becomes super obvious. I feel like I have adjusted every parameter, and I can't seem to eliminate the clicking sound. Any ideas, or am I just going to have to trash this sound and pick a different one?

I'm attaching the sound, so you can hear what I'm talking about.


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    I am really convinced this is just part of the sound,this is not the kind of click you get with glitches.

    Fully agree. I just listened to the original example, and it doesn't sound like some sort of issue, it sounds like an intentional musical effect. It's not even in the glitch ballpark IMO ;)

    I don't have form so can't comment on the patch - just that it sounds 'right' to me!


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