Am I the only one who needs a 'drone' or sustained note mode in the sequencer?

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I still could not find a way for having an endless drone in Maschine. Did you?

It is useful to create, to jam around, to compose or even for sound design. Apparently it is something so simple that brings a lot of joy.

Some sequencers simply allow that: any MIDI note that exceeds the loop length keeps sounding, and will not be retriggered if it 'overlaps' with an attack.


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    You are not the only one, two methods I am using are:

    • long sustained note/sequence recorded on very high BPM and then played at very low tempo;
    • patch made with Reaktor blocks (even a simple one like in the image below) sending MIDI to Maschine.

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    drones would be met with open arms by me, as well

  • tetsuneko
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    You could make a drone instrument ensemble in Reaktor and use that?

    I also think you can already make drones with the included Reaktor Factory content. Try PRISM, for example, I think that one had some droning patches.

  • Matt_NI
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    In case you didn't check it out, you can find Space Drone included in the Reaktor Factory Library R2 (Navigate via Browser > Instruments Section > 1st Encoder "All" > 2nd Encoder "Reaktor" > 3rd Encoder "Space Drone").

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    I add a sound to a group and then play the sound and hold the sustain pedal down. With the pedal still held down and the note continuing to play I can then switch to a new group and let go of the sustain pedal and the sound will continue to play allowing me to add additional sounds in a different group and play on top of the continuous playing note(s) on the previous group. It will continue to play until you go back to that group and sound slot and press the sustain pedal again.

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    +1 I’d like this too.

    my work around has just been adding more attack and release to the ADSR until the note/chord feels like one constant without a loop point. Not ideal, but helps a little

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    Thanks for the tip! Never tried this ensemble before, it's awesome 👍

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