Is Plugin Delay Compensation being worked on?

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Hello all,

I've been working in Maschine for around a year now and I think that the software is really close to be a proper DAW. I love the workflow. However, I think that a lack of Plugin Delay Compensation is the biggest flaw of the Maschine software. Is it being worked on by the developers? In another post I've seen that the VST3 support is going to be implemented soon. Can we have any confirmation regarding Plugin Delay Compensation in the Maschine software? I believe that it's a feature requested quite frequently.


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    Hey everyone, I've reached out to the Maschine team and this is their statement regarding Plug In compensation. It's probably not some of you want to hear but here it is: This is not on the roadmap for 2022. The next updates will focus on stability and performance improvements on Apple Silicon computers, and remove the need to use Rosetta 2 software.



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