Is Plugin Delay Compensation being worked on?



  • weesch
    weesch Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    no plugins ADC in protools hd tdm work very bad or simply don't work with guitar rig 5 !

    so i use mutools with protools hd 10 to compensate the latency of rtas plugins for make guitar rig qork in reatime recording.....

    when i say this on avid duc forum moderator simply close my account !

    liberty of expression = 0 on avid duc forum !

    just see here :

    so i make a video to prouve that my system work ! here :

    now i can use native rtas / vst / tdm plugin sin realtime without latency !

    here a audio demo made with native guitar rig 5 / mutools / protools in realtime withpout any layency.

    i just say hello to avid duc moderators !

    best regards


  • Rob Gee
    Rob Gee Member Posts: 13 Member

    I’ve just started using Maschine and realised this today after removing Ozone Maximizer, Kelvin and Cytomic the Drop everything went out of sync. What a joke! Looks like I’ll have no option but to add any additional processing in Cubase and use Maschine as a plugin, at least we have that option.

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