Who would you love to see an Artist Expansion from, or a collaboration with?

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There's some great expansions already. Some of my personal favourites are Rhythm Source, Motherboard, Backyard Jams, Astral Flutter, Byte Riot, Soul Magic, Body Mechanik, Neo Boogie and maybe Prismatic Bliss would be up there if it were available in the M+, or maybe not. Most capture some of the soundtrack of my youth or have sounds that are hard to find or for me to recreate, like the Body Mechnik New Beat sound of the late 80's. Rhythm Source is just killer though. A 10/10 from me.

I have pretty eclectic tastes in music, but quite a few expansions leave me feeling a little flat and uninspired, or played out when I audition them, like "more of the same". Maybe catering to the sound of the time they were made in recent years. So was wondering, if you could have an expansion made by some of your favourite producers, who would you choose?

Pete Cannon would be near the very top for me. He's a master at recreating the old school hardcore breakbeat rave sounds.



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