[Giveaway] Get into hybrid vocals and keys with DUETS



  • S-P
    S-P Member Posts: 7 Member

    This sounds so great. Is there a way to combine this software in real-time layers on layers to create even bigger, more complex sonic possibilities?

  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 197 Advisor
    edited February 2023

    It is very nice that the music world in human focus has tools through human voice. That's why ‘Duets’ is important. I think very good things can be done in vocal focus with this tool. That's why it should be possessed, so the human foundation should not be forgotten.

    What I want to ask about this is:

    Leaves a versatile, natural state image in the cover art. Is the content of the set based on versatility and creativity?

    Sorry in advance for my bad english.

  • rrahim
    rrahim Member Posts: 15 Member

    This sounds awesome.

    Question, can you add your own samples?

  • Dereck Wong
    Dereck Wong Member Posts: 2 Member
    edited February 2023

    I would use Duets to create children's music to entertain my 2 year old toddler and newborn child.

    Would Duets be able to help me do this well?

  • cgm6066
    cgm6066 Member Posts: 14 Member

    Is Native Intruments producing products (Kontakt) to produce producers that produce products (Play Series)? It seems that we have come full-circle.

  • domolo
    domolo Member Posts: 1 Member

    i would use DUETS to create spacey atmospheric vibes.

    i checked out my owned PLAY series instruments and dont see (may be overlooking) a feature to use my own samples with the engine of the instrument. i think it would be more personable to be able to add my own tuned vocals to mirror what a preset is doing while potentially avoiding copyright violations because the instrument would become more of me. would adding a drag and drop feature in PLAY series instruments hit the roadmap?

  • VivienSchmitt
    VivienSchmitt Member Posts: 1 Member

    Where to ask my question?

    I would like to know if I can use Duets as a Masteringtool also. Yes or not? 🤪🥴

  • IanTrader
    IanTrader Member Posts: 5 Member

    I'm a massive fan of non-lyric vocal sounds and would use Duets to create pieces that use the vocals as instruments rather than vocal enhancements.

  • blunt rapture
    blunt rapture Member Posts: 1 Member

    I want to load the pads with a bunch of my vocals so I can play with myself.

  • Lucian89
    Lucian89 Member Posts: 6 Member

    Super clean sounds !

    It reminds me alot of Glaze instrument, also from the Play series .

    I can definitely see myself creating some sexy r&b .

  • Christiaan Tinga
    Christiaan Tinga Member Posts: 23 Member
    edited February 2023

    I fell in love with this one instantly, to be honest. Once I've chosen my path into a melody I often feel the need to make it a bit more human. read: voice. The example taken in this video isn't really a strong one IMHO :) but it gives a good view on the possibilities.

    One thing I'd like to ask: Is there a way to groove or randomize the heard samples in playback? So far it sounds too digital and quantized to me. Would be great to make it come to life, so to say.

  • AmbivertMusic
    AmbivertMusic Member Posts: 1 Member

    What are the word choices? How were they chosen?

    Looks like a lot of fun! Sounds useful for augmenting tracks and vocals that need a bit more style/polish!

  • Plamen
    Plamen Member Posts: 4 Member

    Will ge good to use this beautiful product while i'm djing with traktor and maschine.

  • Loffe
    Loffe Member Posts: 1 Member

    I would use it to cover up for my lack of singing skills. It would be so much fun to play around with this adding vocals to songs.

  • Omegasraft
    Omegasraft Member Posts: 7 Member

    How about instead of a giveaway, we can get resizable windows?

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