[Giveaway] Get into hybrid vocals and keys with DUETS



  • Eyal
    Eyal Member Posts: 1 Member

    I listened to some demos online, including the official one and even though they sounded like they're aiming towrds a more EDM-stle genre (which is totally not my thing), I still really hope to win this as I can already imagine myself working with it. How? Well, I like to work with human voices, especially filled with the right effects on to compliment them. Do things from the most basic thing like adding Reverbs - to using it with glitching plugins or guitar pedals.

  • buffalo joe
    buffalo joe Member Posts: 4 Member

    Duets, just the ticket for adding harmony, warmth & humanity to the music the machines make, then making it weird.

  • junkyardspaceship
    junkyardspaceship Member Posts: 2 Member

    This one raised my brow! I’ve been looking for something like this to morph and blend a cappella vocals into and out of my instrumental arrangements. The effects and concept you have here are ideal and I need to get my hands on it to try it in for size!

  • tomhood
    tomhood Member Posts: 6 Member

    I have a lot of the Play Series and this looks great. How do I win it? lol

  • jgraham12345
    jgraham12345 Member Posts: 9 Member

    I would love for NI to continue to make vocal plugins. I don’t want to pay for a subscription plan for arcade. I’d rather own my products outright. My question is, will NI continue to make vocal plugins similar to duets? High quality vocal chops, phrases, and loops provide a ton of interest in my songs. Thanks!

  • Psyearth5
    Psyearth5 Member Posts: 204 Helper

    I think that Duets is excellent for Ambient music and Ambient as background music gives beautiful sound colors that fits all kinds of genres, I'm just curious if you used only Voices or did you combine some instruments as well? In any case I am certain that it is good for various genres, especially in combination with Raum.

  • YoungJae
    YoungJae Member Posts: 6 Member

    Who are the people that actually sing those riffs in Duets?

  • cfcboc
    cfcboc Member Posts: 1 Member

    I do Cover song remixes, and Duet appears to offer some interesting options for background sound tracks.

    It looked like, in the demo, that MIDI notes were being used on the chord tracks, but I'd like to understand if there are additional uses or capabilities for MIDI that can be used to enhance the benefits of using Duets?

  • jwstaberow
    jwstaberow Member Posts: 5 Member

    As with the multitude of NI sounds & textures I have at hand, this would be great to add to my midi guitar arsenal.

    Mainly to make listeners think I am a witch. :)

  • AaronTrimbleMusic
    AaronTrimbleMusic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Look inspiring! I love the sound of vocal chops and the human voice is a compelling sound, but I might end up replacing some of the vocals with something original, or mangling so it does not sound like the same vocal phrase everyone has access to.

  • Kozmyk
    Kozmyk Member Posts: 2 Member

    DUETS is right on my present roadmap.

    I’ve been working ‘Human’ sounds into my electronic work and the sounds I’ve heard in DUETS are going to be a Big help.

    The ARP is going to be great for building patterns..

    The RUNS are something I’ve not tried yet but I’m eager to experiment with it.

  • Chankk
    Chankk Member Posts: 3 Member

    An interesting tool to bypass the stumbling through a library of vocal samples to find something to fit into a piece but as someone has similarly commented, what distinguishes "vocal runs" of DUETS, as Native Instruments calls them, and a raw vocal sample? There seems to be more control for the producer end to fit and layer in more precisely the sound you want as an instrument rather than a sample chop but it seems the "vocal runs" are already processed by the DUETs instrument but beyond even that is there concern in the end product for issues like Coypright flagging and such by other creators using the same "vocal run"?

  • corbo-billy
    corbo-billy Member Posts: 87 Helper

    Is DUETS multitimbral ?

  • jhbennett45
    jhbennett45 Member Posts: 4 Member

    Hello there!

    My question is how good is the pitch shifting range in Duets? Can a female preset be tweaked easily into a male voice and vice versa? Could be interesting for layering multiple instances of Duets, which I like to use for walls of sound type harmonies…


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