Expansion construction kits as Traktor stems?

Peter Harris
Peter Harris Member Posts: 454 Pro

I recently bought a Traktor S2 and have been thoroughly enjoying the fun of remixing with stems in Traktor. I am also an M+ user and have bought virtually all of the expansions, so I always like finding new ways to use them.

So today I was watching an expansion review by Garf Richards where he reminded me about the construction loops that come with each kit in Maschine expansions and a huge lightbulb 💡 went off in my head! Couldn't these be used very easily in stem/remix decks in Traktor?

Especially considering how expensive buying stems can be, isn't this a potentially huge source of stems for Traktor for Maschine users who already have a pile of expansions? (It would seem so considering that when you download the free Traktor stem packs from NI they seem to include content from many of the Maschine expansions.)

Is there something I'm not seeing about how easily it would be to repurpose this content between the two platforms? Especially since Traktor seems to allows changing BPM and key independently?

P.S. Please excuse my reposting this across both the Maschine and Traktor forums because I feel like I could get great input from both groups.


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