New direction for Maschine (sound design vs drum box)

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Why is it that Ni assume that everyone using Maschine is making Hip Hop, House or Techno as is a 20 something DJ new kid on the block? There should be a new direction that is sound design / cinematic / orchestral as I see Maschine as much more than a glorified MPC style drum box, it’s a great tool for sound manipulation and resources like Arcade are doing this kind of thing very well, it’s time Ni branched out more and looked at Maschine as sound manipulation rather than a drum box and maybe it’s time to invent another Maschine box that partners up with the range that has an analog modular synth style hands on knobs for filtering and fx treatments with the Maschine range so beautiful accidents can be created.


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    You mean something like this? It's all in there already ;)

  • Maxhombre
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    Thanks Olafmol,

    nice YouTube clip, but lets have that kind of content as a Maschine library add on rather than another endless Hip Hop drum library.

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    And what about Maschine Jam? That is valuable expansion of Maschine MK3....

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    At the end of the day you can use it for anything you want, it's all about your creativity, tons of people use it for more obscure less popular genres.

    But I'd say because historically those are the biggest crowds using groove-boxes, the "beats" crowd it's same reason Expansions tend to have only a few genres, it's those that sell the most.

    The Orchestral crowd generally uses high-quality realistic instruments, with tons of articulations, and also use templates with like 100+ instrument loaded, such high demands on Maschine is not very practical to attempt.

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    You can record any sound like metals and empty cans , then resampling them and you will get original rich and fat sounds for deep textures or autentic drums that are sounds fresh.

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    Sound design is native in maschine through Reaktor. Reaktor is full of amazing sound design possibilities and once you learn to code your own, it's limitless. I wish we saw better and more interesting cross functional capabilities.

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