Download Failed: Kontakt Factory Library 2

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased the Kontakt 7 Bundle and started downloading all that has to be downloaded.

Native Access was downloaded successfully, and all items were downloaded successfully, except for 1. the Kontakt Factory Library 2 download is 38gb large, but it is being downloaded on an external with over 1tb of space - all other downloads were also set here.

For some reason, it starts downloading, gets to 4.29gb and then gives a failed download error. If i go to the folder and delete the files it tried downloading, I would be able to initial the download from scratch again, but again it will stop at 4.29gb. I cannot understand what's going on, i looked through the whole PC just in case, to make sure that there isn't some other file that is clashing with the download, but I couldn't find anything.

Can anyone help, please?



  • DunedinDragon
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    How much space is left unused on the 1tb drive?

  • mdiemer
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    This is a real PITA. I had a similar experience when I tried to download the Cine Percussion library. that sucker is 100 GB. I kept getting the error that my C drive was out of space, and to remove things to create more space. Absurd. This really needs to be fixed. I own the library, but I can't use it because I can't download it? give me a break.

  • Olihop
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    The library is very large. Native access should allow us to download by type of banks for those who do not have fiber. Personally I can't download that many GB at once.

    I hope that Ni will do what is necessary to save us from this constraint.

  • DeclinetheFall
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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @DeclinetheFall I see you got in touch with my fellow supporters, did the installer they sent you work?

  • Norihagafan
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    I have FTTP 500mbps download and trying to download the Kontakt Factory Library to an external 1TB drive, I've lost count the number of times "Download Failed"

    It's driving me mad

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Norihagafan Then you should get in touch with my colleagues here:

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