Maschine+ will be great if... (feature requests)



  • Peter Harris
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    Just thought of another one and I can't remember if I asked for this one before but I'm sure many people would agree: please let us sort in the browser by date and see file dates!!!

    I would love to see a list of my projects by reverse chronological order so I don't have to go through all these cryptically named files I created and figure out what I was working on last month or whenever. BTW when Akai added that OS-lije sortable categories like date and size to their browser in MPC it was a huge help to so many people, especially considering their browser doesn't have any kind of tagging at all and no favorites system. That absence of tagging was in fact the number one thing that drove me away from the platform, after buying zillions of expansions and never being able to find anything.)

  • [Deleted User]
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  • sephsrot
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    Seriously if I can rename samples and properly delete this off of M+ my workflow would be a thousands times better. I will say I didn't think about adding play instruments, but that would be really nifty too

  • PK The DJ
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    Analog Sol said: "Probability amount for each note"

    Yes! I've just watched a video about this feature in Ableton Live 11/Push, and it's very cool stuff.

    I'm going to add my vote for this in Maschine / on Maschine+ it would be amazing.

  • rbwduece
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    I came here specifically to recommend event probability and, low and behold, it's already been mentioned. This being the case, I'll add my vote for it, as well! To be able to have events trigger differently every time a pattern plays back would be awesome for making evolving tracks!

    Also, a randomized autonaming feature would be quite welcome; much like that of the Polyend Tracker!

  • RedwardMc
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    Tuner, aftertouch, key splits and lock controllers to different sounds

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