Maschine+ will be great if... (feature requests)

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I report here the tread I created on the old forum :

Features request to summarize all things in one tread. Some of my propositions are not new, they are all from my point of you.

And also, all propositions are for a standalone use case only, not combine with PC or Mac, in other word : what the Maschine+ can (could) do without a Pc or a Mac.

Maschine+ will be great if :

  • Recorded automation are editable (actually we have to re-record the automation entirely)
  • Macro editing and creation is possible
  • An Autosampling function exist
  • Midi file import and export is possible
  • Tag edition of presets and wav file is possible
  • Midi mapping is possible
  • Automation are not display in percentage (or the possibility to choose)
  • Automation are sent without sending 2 values (the default one and the one set)
  • Synchronizing presets from Maschine software to Maschine+ is done with one clic (or more easily)
  • A dedicated section exist for Program Change, MS and LSB

Addentum (from other users) :

  • Automations are editable as simple as midi note
  • Renaming recorded samples is possible
  • File browsing/management (and not only Presets browsing) is possible


  • Matt_NI
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    Thanks for starting this conversation @Akira-76 - please don't forget to add tags when you creating a new conversation so everyone can find their way easily 😉

    I'm also editing the title to it comes up easier in the search.

  • ProfetaGarrido
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    load audio from hard drive and not from RAM

    note detector

    implementation of progressions

    the fluency of looking for a sample from a sd or hard disk is disastrous and very poor.

    Implementation of any new instrument or plugins for voice in real time as a pitch corrector

  • Metaphor
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    Yes! These are basic features that Maschine has been missing since the very beginning. Especially recording mutes as automations/in real time. MPCs have been able to do this since aeons 😎!

    Please, NI! Add this feature.

  • Tscheggo
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    Maschine Plus will be Great if :

    it were not as CPU hungry as it is now.

    it‘s OS has more stability , espacially for Fingerdrumming and effectchains.

    all Play series Instruments are availablie on it

    you can purchase a second lockable Power supply at the NI Shop.


    Best wisches

  • Tom Mosler
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    Many of proposed features would benefit Maschine+ and Maschine software altogether.

  • Akira-76
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    Many of proposed features would benefit Maschine+ and Maschine software altogether.

    Yes for sure. It would be great for a lot of people.

    On my side, I really didn't care about Maschine Software since my workflow is mainly based on hardware boxes.
    But anyway, compared to Akai MPC Software/ MPC hardware :
    - Maschine Software lack on functionalities (number of audio in, live record (mute/solo, pattern or scene triggering) to build a song live
    - Not all functionalities are present on Maschine+ (midi learn, macro edition, naming of choped samples, etc.)  

    I think NI have to work on those 2 parts to meet the minimum requirement of what actual producer expect as technology and functionalities for a Daw or only for a midi sequencer, because when I read your complaints and others complaints here and elsewhere, 99% of them can be categorized on one of those 2 parts.

    I didn't say that MPC Software have no problems or things that must be improved, but it meet the minimum requirement of what a producer expect.

    I don't speak about the audio gliches problem, because it is a question of optimization and not a lack of functionality.
  • PK The DJ
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    ProfetaGarrido said: "the fluency of looking for a sample from a sd or hard disk is disastrous and very poor"

    I definitely agree on that point. I've only had my Maschine Plus a few months, and I love it - but I was very surprised to find that it had no search option.

    There's even a magnifying glass icon - but bizarrely that's not for searching!

    I have a large amount of samples amassed from from my days using Akai S900 and S1000, but with the only way of finding them on the hardware apparently being to tag them all individually using the desktop software first, then transfer them over, I really can't make much use of them on the Plus right now.

    The other weird anomaly IMO is that patterns are tied to projects, and there's no way to save or load patterns on their own. This makes it hard (impossible?) to have a bunch of favourite drum patterns to call on when starting a new project - unless there's some secret sauce I'm not aware of...

  • darkwaves
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    @PK The DJ : Patterns are tied to groups; not projects. Save your group and it will be in your user library. When you go to load it; hold the shift button and enable +patterns.

    You can then load another group to replace the sounds but keep the patterns (be sure to disable +patterns).

    Neat idea; I've never thought about doing it.

    This isn't really a maschine+ thing. You'd experience all of it if using maschine with a closed laptop.

    Love it or hate it; maschine+ is maschine-headless.

  • bobbyduracel
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    I did notice recently that the scanning/browsing feature on the SD has improved at least. Now my sample packs are in individual folders which are navigated as if they were NI content. Hats are in the hats “category” and so on. This has really helped. Initially I would hit “USER” tab and EVERY sample would be in one long list. Messy. I think this device will be in live beta in some ways for awhile, but the progress lately is keeping me interested.

  • Eric Rabb
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    How long will it take to get the Mute Automation situation figured out? I’m sure you’ve been asked a million times. Like If my boss asks me to do something, it’s like kinda done in a timely manner. Not years later. Not trying to ****** on anyone or be obnoxious. I’m sure the users are trying to figure out what’s going on also? And I’m touching on just one thing. It’s like this new blog is cool, but and the latter is now read only? It’s lot of issues with the software and or feature request that was in the older forum and it just feels like it’s falling on def ears and I don’t like that. When looking at this new format, Feature Requests are now at the bottom of the list, like it’s being hidden, last on priorities. When I come to this forum, I come looking for updates. But when I just read the new current updates, there aren’t any production updates, at least the ones I need. I’m trying to make $money$, so I need production updates. A time line would be cool, I could work with that, well any task oriented person should also. Please don’t forget about the requests and features of your users for the Maschine2 Software. I was looking at a popular DAW that offers lifetime updates. I watched a YouTube video of their DAW and even downloaded .pdf of the users manual. I’m just blown away with their killer piano roll! I just want the same for NI as ultimately I choose to go with you guys and gals. So what’s up?

  • ozon
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    @Eric Rabb

    First let me say that I fully understand your valid complaints and requests, but

    Like If my boss asks me to do something, it’s like kinda done in a timely manner.

    Problem is: We are not the boss of anybody at NI. We're customers.

    I’m trying to make $money$, so I need production updates.

    IMHO, if you want to make money producing, you should learn to use tools for what they are good at, and just move on if a tool doesn't fit your requirements. That's what professionals do. Except if they have some kind of R&D or consulting relationship with a company.

  • Akira-76
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    Yes, indeed, it is possible to do that, but a more flexible way will be to be able to save patterns as midi file. Then pattern can be not only use for Maschine but for third party device.

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    Replika XT pls, need more delays :)

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