MacBook Air M2 and Traktor compatibility

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just ordered my new MacBook Air with M2 chip and saw that it is not supported?!ät-mit-Apple-Silicon-M1-M2-

Has anybody tested Traktor on M2 yet?

I cannot understand why it should be not compatible… the chip is nearly the same like the M1 and I cannot remember that any Intel processor in the past 10 years needed an updated Traktor version.





  • rutierut
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    M1 runs so well I'm finally able to open the settings menu without my electricity bill spiking. You should be good with an M2 under Rosetta.

  • Kubrak
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    M1 and M1 Pro/Mas/Ultra are also "the same". More the same, than M1 to M2.... Still Traktor had big problems on M1 Pro/Mas/Ultra, I think....

    And many programs had problems with last gen (12th) Intels on Win platform.....

    So, M2 and Traktor should be OK.... But, one cannot be 100% sure till it is thoroughly tested...

  • Stevan
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    "The initial versions of the M1 chips contain an architectural defect that permits sandboxed applications to exchange data, violating the security model." - so with that fixed by Apple it makes sense that new instructions for Pro/Max/Ultra and M2 needs to be updated inside Traktor.

  • DJReenberg
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    I have the same issue with a MacBook Pro M2 - Not compatible.

    I'm waiting for the software to be compatible before I install it. Does anyone know when we can expect that Traktor Pro 3 will be compatible with the m2 processor?

    Have you tried to install and run Traktor Pro 3 on your MacBook Air M2 since you posted this? - And if - What were the result? - Does it work?

  • DiscoStur
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    my MacBook Air M2 arrived yesterday and i just finished a short session (1hour) at home. So far Traktor is performing very well and i didn‘t encounter any problems. I hooked it up to my S4MK3 and everything I tried was working like on my old MacBook Air with M1.

    Multicore support was enabled in the settings menu.

    The only thing not working was the fullscreen button in the top right corner but I was able to enter full screen mode via Apples own button (top left, the green one).

    I think I will give it a try on saturday in the club for a longer session with my old MacBook Air M1 as backup device.

  • Mhbeat
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    If you don't mind me asking, what spec did you get and how are you finding it? I am thinking I getting the air m2 8gb 512hd.



  • DiscoStur
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    Thats exactly the configuration I got … M2 with 8GB ram and 512 SSD. That’s enough for Traktor and it’s running super smooth.

    I did a live set for 6 hours on Saturday in the club and I didn’t experience any errors or hiccups. I think I’ll switch to my M2 for production use now :)

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