MacBook Air M2 and Traktor compatibility



  • sidefx
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    @Tellmeaboutit123 thanks! Hopefully, it won't be too long before it is compatible.

  • DiscoStur
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    Running Traktor 3.6 on my MacBook Air M2 with MacOS Monterey … S4MK3 is working without any problems. Not tried with macOS Ventura …

  • DiscoStur
    DiscoStur Member Posts: 14 Member

    Has anyone tried the new Traktor 3.7 with macOS ventura and S4MK3?

  • sidefx
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    edited December 2022

    @DiscoStur I did about 2/3 weeks ago and none of my hardware worked. Traktor pro 3 worked fine but Kontrol Z1 and X1 as well as S4 MK3 were not compatible so went back to Monterey. This may be different now but might be best to wait before updating. According to the Native Instruments website, the Traktor pro 3.7.1 and S4MK3 are now compatible with the latest version of mac OS Ventura so should work fine now.

  • Digital_Fist
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    I've been using Traktor Pro 3 with an S2 Mk2 straight out of the box with my brand new Macbook Air M2 without even thinking this might be an issue and have had no problems since last summer.

  • ishikawa
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    Just purchased a Mac Mini M2 and upgraded to Traktor 3.8

    Given there is no support for my S4 Mk1 - wondering what controller works with the aforementioned M2 Chipset machine?

    I was thinking of upgrading from my S4 mk1 to an S2 mk3

    Per: - none of the Kontrol hardware is supported on any new M2 Mac machine


  • lord-carlos
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    Everything except the very old mk1 hardware should work just fine.

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