Maschine ignores MIDI channels from the external hardware controllers

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I'm using Maschine 2.15.2 (R2) and the software does not recognize the MIDI channels from the external hardware controllers.

When you choose any of the programmable knobs or buttons in the software (i.e. Group Level) and you press the "LEARN" button (down-pointing arrow in the bottom left corner of the Control area to reveal the Assignment area underneath), the CC is detected but no MIDI channel is related.

As many MIDI hardware controllers in the market are hard-coded to use different MIDI channels for each row of controls, this makes them all incompatible with the Maschine software.

Here I attach a sceenshot: If you program a controller, and repeat the operation for the next knob, the assignment replaces the first one, even if you are sending the CC from a different MIDI channel (but same CC).

Are there any plans to detect the MIDI channels for the Learn buttons? 

This will enable support for many MIDI controllers in the market, even the bests and most reliable like the Vestax VCM-600 and others which use the same layout with separate MIDI channels for each are of the controller.



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    Maschine does not care about channels for CC's since... humm... forever, v2 I think.

    If there are plans? Probably, but considering the amount of time it's been like this I doubt it's a priority and likely to happen soon.

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    Damn dude... I've just now stumbled on to this "feature". ******? How is this thing even possible on the software what literally depends on a midi inputs? Thank god I have pizMIDI plugins collection and a free Cantable version, with a virtual midi port (loopmidi) to workaround this damned issue.

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    No idea to be honest, it baffles me that any music SW/HW would ignore CC MIDI channels. 🤷‍♂️

    I'm guessing the average user doesn't need it which leads to a small number of people complaining which in turn leads to it never being addressed.

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    Yeah unfortunately even if you are able to get the knobs mapped to your external controller, you can’t record automation when using an external controller to control that knob, only Maschine and Komplete controllers record automation in the SW.

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    +1 on this. I've just found out the same. How do we go about getting this feature requested, as it's quite the headache.

    My hybrid DJ setup using Traktor and Maschine is quite contingent on being able to defining mappings, and without the channel being part of that mapping all kinds of clashes occur.

    This would have to be a very minor change - the data is there, it just needs to be observed (software engineer speaking). In fact a cursory glance at the Lua scripts in the product points to as much.

    I really want to be able to use Maschine, rather than having to use Bitwig as the 'hybrid' component of my setup.

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    I am having the same issue. I thought I was doing something wrong at first, but nope midi filtering in Maschine only works for note data for some reason.

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