Time Stretching Workflow is Bad

samplomatic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited July 2022 in Maschine

I love my Maschine. The way it allows you to quickly capture creative patterns and ideas on the fly is a great. But I have to admit - the time stretching workflow that it comes with is just not good.

Can we please just get another function on the sampler that allows switching the pitch knob between pitch + time and just pitch? And allow keyboard mode/modulation strip to function based off of how we have the pitching mode for the individual pad set? Or making your samples react in real time according to global tempo adjustment?

Jumping around between sampler mode, audio mode, resampling individual pads multiple times etc. is just not intuitive and feels very convoluted and outdated. It's kind of annoying how easy a program such as Serato Sample, for instance, makes stretching chops compared to Maschine. No matter the length or start/end points in Serato, the auto detect BPM is almost always correct. In Maschine it's literally never correct unless you truncate to a perfect bar loop and mess around with manual tempo adjustment.

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