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Is there a way to make the right portion of the screen visible on the Steam Deck, especially when in fullscreen? The Traktor window seems to be too wide, even though the resolution is set to 1280x800 in the settings menu which matches what it's set to in Windows as well as the native resolution of the Deck's display



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    Don't think I've come across anyone using Steam Deck here before. 😓 Maybe you'll have a better luck on a gaming forum... I remember seeing somewhere that there's a way to make Steam Deck overriding display resolution.

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    Hello there!

    Nice to see Traktor up and running on the Steam Deck. How did you achieve this? We are wondering the same thing in and we would need someone to show a little ropes.

    Can you share any sources of information that you have encountered on the subject and did you solve your original problem?

    Apparently you are running native windows on Steam Deck? I would rather try to run a certain software through Bottles or Wine as I mainly use Steam Deck for gaming anyway. Do you have any prior experiences from the "virtual setups" with Steam Deck?

    I see that you also have some appliances attached to your deck. Have you had any problems with a certain setups and do you recommend a certain USB-Hubs or adapters as such? At least Traktor seems to be working fine with the Deck as you are up and running?

    Would be great to maybe contact through a discrod channel to have a proper conversation with all the interested people in but I'm fine with all help provided for now. :)

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    I achieved to run Traktor through Bottles. You can read about my findings in here:

    I'll try to connect the controller to it later today. Won't be posting here anymore.

    EDIT: Oh and this problem you have is non-existant in the bottles.

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