I'd been having issues updating Massive X to 1.4 & after uninstalling it wont reinstall

JBoncha Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I'd been trying to update to the newest version of Massive X since it got released and I would always get a failure message - now as a last resort I've uninstalled it - while doing that it let me know it couldn't find data on the Z drive which I had renamed to X before installing the Komplete bundle - I've also noticed that Native Access shows Massive X tagged with a "demo" header even though I've had and I have been using the full version that came with K13 when I installed everything - If I remember correctly I may have installed the demo on a drive named Z and that could be what its looking for - I'd love to get this fixed as soon as possible - I'm just utterly confused as to why it couldn't ignore the demo installation and install the newest version - serial number/ownership/licensing issue I suppose - I was enjoying using it without the update & now that I decided to go all in to get the update I cant use it at all 😖


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