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    Yessssss :

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    I did I think when I forwarded all my nks folder on the old forum back in the days when I started Messi ng around. I am a big fan of Cataract but as a side note I am version 1 owner and still wonder why they call this one 2 when it seems to only be a graphical update . Also strangely there is no upgrade path for version 1 owners . Now I took the habit to credit myself in the nks edit note files but it is a bit pointless as it can easily be modified and I’ve never really been too cocky about this 😉

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    So, it is you who did the old image resources! Great work, i usually made also the resources by my self, but on some cases the older work is so good, that worth keeping. I can tag you in the comments if you wish, and re-upload the archive.

    About version 1 i don't know, i didn't had it, but it supposed that version 2 is not just a graphic update, but many more. And it seems that there is an upgrade path for version 1 users! But it is visible on Plugin Boutique only. ;-)

    Cataract 2.0 is a Segment Multiplexer for Electronic Music Production and Experimental Sound Design

    Important Note: This is the full version of Cataract. An upgrade for users that already own Cataract Version 1 is also available.

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    Hello everyone. This is Matthew Whitaker. Hope all is well. Hope this is going to the right place, if not, let me know. I'm using Voiceover on my Mac computer.

    I'm wondering if anyone have done NKS Presets for the V Horn series by Acoustic Samples. If not, could we make that happen? I've always wanted to use their products. 😎

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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    I contacted them about NKS, they were rather rude after ignoring my first 2 emails, Had others say they have also had poor service from them too so I wont be bothering with them. Their instruments are pretty costly compared to similar offerings out there (IMO) especially since they just use UVI Workstation/Falcon and I've only been asked 2 times in 10 years for them according to my records so all adds up to just not worth it for me to look further anyway, maybe someone else wants to spend their time on it.

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    I don't have any of them either I'm afraid - tend to prefer physically modelled instruments to samples and they are also too expensive

    To be honest considering the fact that they appear to have been a bit 'prickly' when approached for NFRs to make NKS from in the past, I think your best bet would be to approach them yourself as a paying customer and explain how it is important from a musical and accessibility standpoint. Maybe if enough customers put pressure on them they will get with the programme.

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    I got this for next to nothing from PluginBoutique but haven't got round to exploring it yet - I like their effects and actually made banks for several of their fx and Polygon but when they bought Polygon 2 out they didn't make it compatible with version 1 patches and I felt too annoyed at that to bother with updating it. I think I will try it now.

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    u-he Filterscape 2.5 has just been released as public beta so I can also release these now - NKS templates for the Synth, FX and EQ versions with database resources - in the NKS UL under u-he

    Beta from here:


    I wouldn't bother creating full NKS patches yet though as the preset library is still being refined

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    Thanks Sunborn, when I bean I used Icon Maschine to do my custom images but now I find myself more in control with Affinity Designer and my own templates .

    About version 2 without supposing I don't see any improvement pretentions in the description but I really liked the GUI new look of the company. I indeed had version 1 from Plugin Boutique during summer sales when I basicaly was a plugin addict looking for the perfect mashup plugin . This one is really great in many regard an GlitchMAchines really diserve its name in this regard. Though I found that the sample section would definitely need more flexibility or improvement in terms of sample time stretching and sync adjustment to be a great loop mashup plugin and didn't end up using it to much and it seems that the purpose of it was not to use drum loops (but I think that should be a great focus for this plugin actually). I actually ended up really liking their Subvert Plugin for which I also made an NKS version . I actually made one for all Glitch Machine plugins I have in the box when I went into my personal NKS Madness 😄.

    Maybe l upgrade ASAP but it is not on my schedule for the next few months apprently, who knows it might change . About the tag as you wish but if want I can send the rest of NKS for that great brand though I might have to redo VST3 version and presets


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    I've uploaded a template for Sinevibes' rather unique raindrop delay plugin - Droplet - now available for Mac and Win

    In the Current folder of the NKS User Library under Sinevibes, all patches saved as NKS versions - have several by Sinevibes so will probably do the others I have too

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    Now uploaded Sinevibes Albedo - a granular reverb - full NKS bank and template

  • Kymeia
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    And now Sinevibes Hollow is also added - this is a huge space reverb - again all NKS included

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    Just made a controller template for this cool new effect, Transit, by BABY Audio:

    It's in the NKS User Library under current/BABY Audio

    Just the template for now as this is nice to control live, lots of presets that I might convert later but that will take longer, I wanted to play this baby now :) (Just updated template so please dl again)

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    sounds good

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    Was watching a video about this one earlier in the week and wondered if I'd be able to use it in KK. Thanks to you, the answer is yes.

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