[NKS] Freelance Soundlabs 3rd Party NKS Libraries for Komplete Kontrol / Maschine



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    Thank you! :)

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    Hi Jester

    I wanted to ask if we were any closer to seeing the patch updates for Trilian Creative, since being updated from the VIP bank? I know you had mentioned doing it some time back, but don't think I have seen any updates on that.



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    No closer, I will get to it one day

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    Ok, well good to know at least. I will watch this space.


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    Any chance for Softube's Statement Lead? It's on sale right now with 50% off.

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    Mac OS Mojave Ver 10.14.6

    3.6 GHz Intel Core I9

    64 GM DDR

    NI Komplete Kotrol S series MK2 Latest version

    Freelancee Product - UVI Vin Vault 4 NKS libraries

    Can browse all library sounds.

    Artwork and preview sounds load fine into Komplete Kontrol

    I can load UVI workstation manually into Komplete Kontrol

    Can’t Load individual Vin Vault 4 programs like Kroma or JP Legacy into Komplete Kontrol.

    Watched all your videos….

    Please help

  • JesterMgee
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    For support:

    But just check you have the WORKSTATION library installed and not Falcon. You can do this by looking in the NKS folder within the UVI folder it will state either Falcon/Workstation. If it is Falcon you will need to login to your account and from the User Menu>My Downloads go into the UVI sub section and download the Workstation library version.

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available: Air Music Bassline, Drumsynth 500, Electric, Hype, Mellotron, Odyssey, Solina, Tubesynth

    A new range of Air Music Technology instruments are now available with NKS support. All factory presets processed, detailed tagging, sound previews and complete control maps.

    Also saw a new Cherry Audio Minimode synth released which will be done very soon.

  • JesterMgee
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    Note: A.N.A 2 from Slate Digital

    I have been receiving a few inquiries of late about the NKS compatibility I have available for the ANA 2 version available from Slate Digital.

    So the short of it is the factory NKS library is fully compatible so the main NKS library is fine, but the expansions and the "Ultimate Preset Bundle" I have is ONLY for the Sonic Academy version. Slate Digital have a completely different set of presets available.

    I am currently looking into adding support for this also, my hope is I can have this completed using their free trial period as for me the cost of their subscription for the range available isn't worth it at all.

    So for the moment, if you use ANA from SD you can currently access the factory presets but not expansions.

  • JesterMgee
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    Update: Sonic Academy ANA2

    An update is now available for the Sonic Academy ANA2 instrument.

    Firstly, I have had a few inquiries lately about compatibility with the version of ANA2 available from Slate Digital. While the factory library was supported the additional 17 expansions from SD were not available. I have now generated an NKS library for the Slate Digital version which you can get from the above link.

    I also noted that the latest version (2.0.99) of ANA2 fixes an issue from years ago that required a separate Mac/PC version of the NKS library, there is now no need for me to maintain 2 libraries as ANA2 correctly resolves the path difference to the preset data between mac/pc so long as the presets are generated on PC.

    Lastly, it appears that with the latest version of ANA2 an extra control was slotted into the control list which pushes one of the Macro controls out. I have fixed this in the latest library so if you have updated your ANA over the years and noted only 3 macro controls on the first NKS page, get the latest update to fix this.

    To update, just delete the existing Sonic Academy\ANA2 preset folder on your system and replace with the latest ones.

  • JesterMgee
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    Update: Spectrasonics Trilian

    This update changes the old "VIP Library" for the Omnisphere integration to "Creative Library" to bring it inline with the latest 1.5 version of Trilian. The additional presets included with the 1.5 update that now use all 4 layers have also been included with the latest controller mapping for the multi-layer patches. 

    New logo artwork is now also included to display a better quality "Trilian" logo in the NKS browser.

    Get the latest update free from your account page: 

    My Downloads

    Update Presets: The easiest way is to simply locate the installed NKS library for Trilian (which if you copied it correctly will contain both the standalone Trilian and Omnisphere library files. Delete this whole preset folder then replace with the downloaded one. 

    Update Images: You can just copy the Database Files\images folder to the NI Resource folder and be sure to merge with existing files, then replace the existing files (be sure you MAC users to pay attention to what the system is asking and DO NOT choose to replace the existing image folder with the included one or you will loose all your images. If in doubt always make a copy of the existing folders/files first then carry on. Windows users it's much more idiot proof. Email me if you get stuck but I have faith it will be reasonably simple to update a few files with copy/paste 


    Development Status Page

    I've created a rudimentary status page that shows the libraries I am currently working on and also a list of instruments I either cannot or will not be working on and the reasons. Nothing is set in stone or a promise and things can change so do not rely on this as a guarantee of things.

    Note that I will tend to prioritize either what I personally like or enjoy using or what is being requested the most so if you see something that mentions it is on the back burner due to little interest and you have interest, let me know because the more people I know are after something the faster it will be prioritised.

    This also does not list everything on my "todo" list, only things I have at least tested or are sure are possible currently so if you don't see something listed there and it's not already been done feel free to ask about it.

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    Cool !....

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    Now Available: Cherry Audio Miniverse (previously Minimode)

    NKS library for the factory presets with complete mapping, sound previews, tagging and artwork files

  • JesterMgee
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    Now Available: Falcon Expansion Organic Keys

    Falcon Expansion "Organic Keys" is now available with complete mapping, sound previews and tagging ready to go.

    If you are a UVI user and interested to see how NKS makes things so much easier when it comes to not having to constantly map and remap the "Host Automation" controls, a fellow user has created this video to show how it improves workflow, just another example of how NKS is actually a very useful feature, not just for preset flipping.

  • Diam
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    Great work on this one. Somehow the presets are still displaying in Omnisphere as VIP presets with a User Library logo, when accessed from KK menu (though they do show as creative in the Kontrol hardware). When accessed from Omnisphere menu manually they show up as Trilian Creative patches with an updated logo. Do you know why this is? Is there a simple fix or would it require remapping?

    Hope that made sense.

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