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    Yeah think i've found all the ones that were missed, thanks for letting me know. Have fixed all that up now (hopefully) so everything should read it was updated 07 Jul 2022. I am certain there may be the odd tag I have missed but hopefully this will be found over the coming months and I can just do some simple updates if needed but 99% should now be cleaned up to hopefully make it more cleaner for browsing.

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    Great - got them installed now. Thanks for the great cleanup - impressed that you got rid of 'Hits and bits' - it was always one I would delete afterwards anyway - never had a clue what it meant (just one of the too many made up categories Spectrasonics use). I really dislike the clutter of tags that keeps creeping into KK because of people not sticking to the official NI ones so thanks for trying to reduce it down. Personally I would have liked NI to not make it possible to customise tags - as it is I'm constantly having to delete various iterations of categories like pads or basses that people don't seem to realise are already there. What really bugs me is some have also crept into Factory and I can't edit those (eg why has some dev decided to use 'piano/keys' rather than 'piano / keys' so now it's there twice, and why is 'hip-hop/trap' a character? It's a genre.

    There are still a few that to me are superfluous though. So sorry but I still have to delete the Arp/Seq 'Type' and return it to being a 'Character' which is how I see it, and I really don't understand the point of a 'Mood' category either so that's gone too. 'Ethnic/World' I divide between the objective types of instruments used, I think what people define as 'ethnic' is very subjective and particularly dislike this idea of othering non western music by categorising it as ethnic or 'world' music - all music is world music!

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    Well there will always be differences in opinion, it is FAR easier to delete a category than to add one in after the fact and one thing to keep in mind is some of this is designed for visually impaired users that can benefit from a few additional tag types.

    Arp personally is one I feel SHOULD be an option because 90% of instruments out there have presets labelled as "Arp" or "Sequence" as the type but not a "Pad -> Arpeggiated" so in terms of ripping presets being able to just globally assign the common arp section to an arp tag is well handy to do. Additionally, when I am looking for a string sound I am rarely ever after an arp string so I finds it gets in the way personally and since there is no way to "NOT" show results I figured long ago as I found it frustrating to just move it all into its own category.

    Things like Mood, Genre you can take and leave and ethnic is mainly there because of both Omnisphere and UVI products and kind of just mirrors sub tagging in Drums, Flute, Plucked strings but makes it (IMO and some others) much easier to get to your strange instruments rather than sift through 50 billion strings to find the "ethnic" sounding one.

     'Ethnic/World' I divide between the objective types of instruments used, I think what people define as 'ethnic' is very subjective and particularly dislike this idea of othering non western music by categorising it as ethnic or 'world' music - all music is world music!

    Yeah could get into semantics on that all day but to keep things simple we are using technology here and to put it simple and blunt, the software, tech and everything around the way it is presented is a "Western". I think most people have a simp0le idea that we have your "typical" instruments that appear in most music in western society then "Ethnic/World" is anything that doesn't easily fit into that bracket. It's not really subjective, just practical really.

    Hits and bits I also disliked (like most of the strange Omnisphere tags Spectrasonics decide to use) and mostly I hated seeing mistakes like Synth + Synth Key + Synth Keys etc.

    I like the fact the tagging is open for users to enter, it would be impossible for me to tag things using the scripting I do without that ability but yeah I hear you, most users don't really think in terms of efficiency and neatness. Having remoted into many a desktop it's very clear how dishevelled some peoples thought processes are :p

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    I get that, it makes sense, as you say this is about what works best for each of us. I suppose for me the main reason for wanting one unified and consistent set of tags rather than people doing their own thing, is that is what enables searches to cover all plugins in KK, which apart from controlling plugins, is to me the main point of KK and what enables it to be a sound librarian. An obscure tag that only represents sounds found in say Omnisphere, or when someone has decided to use 'Synth basses' when everyone else has used 'Bass, Synth' leads to that plugin or library being excluded from any search using one of the unified tags.

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    Since every other Cherry Audio synth is already done, can I assume the new Elka-X will follow? 😎

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    i have this one so will look at it soon

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    Now Available

    Cherry Audio Elka-X

    Latest Cherry Audio is now NKS.

    This was a little more challenging to make a template for than I had initially hoped. As a start this is a dual layer synth so basically there are 2X the controls you initially see for layer Upper/Lower which always makes it a challenge on layout. But a further complication to this is the fact that multi-select switches such as waveform select for oscillators have a separate CC value per button instead of the (much preferred) single CC that cycles through the options.

    Because of this kind of disappointing setup of the controls it would require over 50 pages to map every single parameter which is just stupid so I have done my best to cover the main knobs and features with hopefully enough in-depth control on later pages for visually impaired users. If you feel there are some much needed controls I can look at an update to the template down the road but this at least offers most of the control and full browsing of presets with banks for the factory expansions included.

    Gforce M-Tron MKII

    The new M-Tron MKII is now NKS ready and is bundled to cover the following libraries that are included with the factory release (1100 presets):

    • Artist Patches - Chromatic Notes Both Manuals
    • Artist Patches - Dual Rhythm and Accompaniment
    • Artist Patches - Rhythm, Accompaniment and Lead
    • Authentic Chamberlin Patches
    • Authentic MKI Patches
    • Authentic MKII Patches
    • Lead Manual Patches
    • Parallel Accompaniment Patches
    • Parallel Rhythm & Accompaniment Patches

    A full controller map allows control over the whole synth and sound previews have been generated that should hopefully demonstrate the sound of the multi-part presets which was a bit of a challenge since they differ in setup so not all will showcase every preset perfect but enough to know what kind of sound it is.

    GForce SEM

    This neat little synth is now NKS ready and offers full control and browsing over presets.

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    Coming Soon


    NI have just announced in a thread that VST3 support will be released with the next release and I've had some info up for a few weeks that I have been developing and testing NKS for the Roland Cloud plugins after a lot of requests over the years and can now post that it will be available when the next Komplete/Maschine version is released.

    I initially developed support for a number of plugins but using the VST2 version and this is not directly compatible with upgrading it to VST3 so I have had to start over again but so far testing has been pretty good.

    Now there is a huge amount of content to process so it will be released in stages but the plan is to have all the core plugin content available as bundles, mostly aimed at the Pro users but as feedback comes in I will look what changes are needed.

    Yes the expansion content will also be available but not initially, it will come down the track based on the interest and uptake as I will only maintain a subscription to make the files as it's not a product line I use myself.

    The only content I will not do (other than the sample packs obviously) is the discontinued Concerto plugin mainly because I discovered a problem where the path to the content is hard-coded in the exported plugin data so if you load a NKS file on a system where this content location differs it throws an error and this cannot be fixed.

    All the info and FAQ is in the linked page above

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    Game changer! looking forward to these.

    I had a PadShop NKS bank that I was also hoping would work when VST3 support arrived, though after reading your notes, feel this may not directly translate from VST2. Oh well. Roland compatability is a big step forward. Sweet!

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    Yeah I've been testing VST3 compatibility with all my existing libraries and there is an unfortunate problem that 95% of the existing libraries will not work with the VST3 version of a plugin and I had expected this so existing libraries need the VST2 version of plugins but moving forward I will be releasing VST3 versions of new plugins.

    However, I have been looking at ways of upgrading the VST2 libraries to VST3 which has required me to learn how to decompile the NKS data fully so I can edit everything and recompile with a VST3 PLID header. So far I still need more testing but now I can see things in a more readable way it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to update the data so that's something I will work on behind the scenes tho if I cannot find a way then I will have to reprocess presets again and carry tagging over since the tagging side is what is the massive PITA and consumes most of the time.

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    Wow. So do you have a beta release of the updated Komplete with the VST3 compatibility or am I missing something? Neat thumbnails.

    I was confused as somebody posted a Jupiter 4 map on here the other day, but obvs will not load on Mac as I only have VST3 versions. I saw on your site that you would be looking to explore Steinberg products should that support come to fruition also. Would be great.

    All we need now is for NI to make Komplete a little less resource hungry and sluggish. Plus to allow integration to factory library (as opposed to user tab). Multiple instances seem quite taxing, whatever DAW you use. Maybe a topic for another discussion, but this is progress for sure.

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    Also as a side note, I don't think that Jupiter 4 map had any real parameter mapping, just presets and tags. Close but no cigar.

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