I had no idea that the Maschine (the DAW) had such a small font - how do I make the font bigger?

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I have pretty bad eyesight and I cant read the font on my laptop monitor (17" so not tiny) I need to be able to change the font size. If there is no way to I'm going to either have to buy an obscenely large (and expensive - so not happening) Monitor and rearrange my studio with no real space on my table (again a pipe dream) or return my mikro and A49 to amazon and I really don't want to do that. I didn't find it in the settings anywhere, please help me .

I also would like to change the font in Traktor on the collection view but that is still readable for me.

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  • starcorp
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    on windows display settings you can set the scaling to your needs.

    not in the plugin itself.

  • solsta
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    I'm just here to say I hope NI updates the resolution of their software, the pixelation on text is distracting on high resolution displays :(

    I thought this post was actually about that until I came inside and read

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    There's no option to change the font.

    I also find it a bit hard to read and my eyesight is OK, OS scaling can help but will make everything on your computer bigger and take more space, this is what I do but the MAS/KK text will be pixelated... So no ideal option, you have to pick between tiny or bigger but pixelated.

    There's is a hacky way to do it:


    but kind of annoying to do in Windows.


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