(maschine mk3 / win 10) PC audio playback sounds wrong

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hello everyone and thanks in advance for taking your time!

I recently got my maschine mk3 and all is working well apart from audio playback from the computer. when having my headphones plugged into maschine and playing a track or youtube on my computer, the the sound is not how it should be (muffled, echo-y).

I can switch between two audio devices on windows; 1. "main (maschine mk3 wdm audio)" and 2. "headphone (maschine mk3 wdm audio)" both show the same problem.

if i select the laptop speakers (in my case "realtek high definition audio") everything sounds normal!

all drivers are up to date.

any clues what might be my problem?


below is further info on the setup in hopes this might help determine the problem:
- maschine mk3 connected to laptop through usb.
- headphones connected to "phones"-in of the maschine.

// audio settings in maschine:
driver: ASIO
device: maschine mk3
status: running
sample rate: 44100 (changing the sample rate did NOT help!)
process buffer: 192 (changing the buffer rate did NOT help!)

// Input:
maschine in 1 L: | 1: input left
maschine in 2 R: | 2: input right

// Output:
maschine out 1 L: | 1: main left
maschine out 1 R: | 2; main right
maschine out 2 L: | 2: headphone left
mascihine out 2 R: | 2: headphone right


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