Experiences with storing Komplete 13 on a Jetdrive 330 for a Macbook 2021 M1

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I'm working with Live on a M1 Macbook Pro with only 512GB.I just bought Komplete 13 and i'm thinking about installing this on a Jetdrive light 330 SSD Card for my Mac. It has speed of about 95 mb/s and writing about 50 mb/s. So it a bit slow. Will this be sufficiant to work with Komplete 13 and Live? Anybody experience with Jetdrive 330?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @JackeduLacke I've never used Jetdrive lite 330 SSD but as long as it has +300GB space I think it should be fine. If the download speed is slow you might wanna check out this article: My Native Access Downloads Are Taking Too Long

  • JackeduLacke
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    Hi Kaiwan,

    thanks for your reply!

    Actually my question is more about the speed of the ssd card (jetdrive 330) itself, than the storage space of the card and the internet connection. I would like to now if a ssd card with a reading speed of 95 mb/s and 45 mb/s writing (max) is inough?

    If someone asks why this card, it's because if fits perfectly and i don't need to take it out, when i put my macbook in a case.

    Would like to know it, before i download 300gm...

    kind regards Jacke

  • Kubrak
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    You may try it, an you will see. It is always possible to relocate files to different disc. No need to download it again.

    And is it 95 Mb/s or 95 MB/s (the latter is 8 times more)? If it is the latter it should do more or less. It depends. If you use big Kontakt libraries it would be rather slow.

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