Traktor 3.11 - audible low frequency glitch with Link + Keylock + Sync

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Hi !

I'm experiencing an issue when Link + Keylock + Sync are activated simultaneously, an audible glitch appears on low frequencies 2-3 times in a bar. It seems the problem is the same as this topic: I recreate a topic because the previous one is marked as Answered, but the so-called "answer" was to "desactivate keylock" which is not a way of solving the problem to me.

I just updated Traktor from 3.8 to 3.11, but the bug persists, with multiple audio interface, even if Ableton is not open (just activating Link by itself with Keylock and Sync makes the glitch appear). I'm on Windows 10 (is this problem fixed in Windows 11?).

Is there any update on this topic ? Or other people still experiencing this issue ?



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    There is no update for this issue. That's the problem with the real time key lock algorithm, not the Traktor application itself. I have even heard these glitches in one of Richie Hawtin older mixes. 😅 Looks like he's stopped to use it after some time.

    Learn to "convert track root note by bpm change". Rule of thumb is: about 6% change in bpm will lead to change in one semitone. Key lock is damaging to sound quality. Unfortunately.

  • amercier
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

    It's such a pitty because all those functions are gold. For the moment I still use Keylock because it works well when Link is not activated. And I send midi from Traktor to Ableton with an internal midi clock, but this method is way less precise than Link...

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