Maschine 2.15 is out!



  • tetsuneko
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    Oh snap. I forgot to test this before I downgraded. Sorry, I think I said I'd check it.

    On a more positive note, that's good right? At least now you can get busy autosampling.

    I'll remain on 2.14 for now, I can always autosample my Korg M1 when I can do it in standalone, no hurry.

  • Dstep ATL
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    Yep, all good. I have 2.15 on one computer, 2.14 on the other. The next step for me is to figure out how to properly tag. I did save with samples, then selected it and tagged it, and hit save again, but when dragged to the SD the tags didn’t seem to save. This is user error I’m sure. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on Maschine.

  • djadidai
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    2.15 seems to work on my M1 with the jam and m32. Didn’t have the guts to connect the M+ to the computer.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,918 mod

    There seems to be another bug, so far it's only been reported on Mac but I created a separated post on the subject, Maschine devices will only load their default template when in MIDI mode, any custom or edited template with Controller Editor will not display, here is the workaround for now:

  • Nikal Might
    Nikal Might Member Posts: 24 Member

    If you do reload the autosave, is it a new version of the project, so that you still have your last proper save, just in case the problem that caused the crash still exists?

    I just tried the autosampler and it worked pretty flawlessly with regard to the actual sampling.

    I tried it with the auto loop points, but they weren't terribly good. It would be nice if the algorithm could detect clicks and try to minimise them, firstly through good loop selection and secondly through the addition of crossfades. The lengths of the loops seem to be fairly inconsistent too, so if you play chords spanning different samples, you get this kind of polyrhythmic effect as the loops cycle at different rates. If the algorithm chose a suitable crossfade point as well as loop points, it would probably be less apparent. I don't think there's any perfect solution to this, but it could be improved.

  • Michael Gilboe
    Michael Gilboe Member Posts: 7 Member

    Why is this not showing up on my M+ to download?

    Did I see on this thread that chord inversions are NOT available on the M+?! That would be the ONLY place I would want them!

  • Space Cat 303
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    I have a question, to use the auto sampler of the Maschine plus in standalone mode when it will be available, can we connect the Maschine via USB to a pc with a synthesizer plugin (while leaving M+ in standalone mode and not in as a controller) or should we connect a USB / midi cable to do this?

  • Dstep ATL
    Dstep ATL Member Posts: 95 Helper
    edited April 2022

    There is no update for the M+, information is on the front page of this thread. It will be a few weeks until it’s ready, and the chord inversions will be on it then.

  • afrogrit
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    Hello everyone, is there a way to colour pads in key mode? for instance colouring all natural notes 1 colour and sharps/flats other colours?

  • Sequencesounds
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    @Jeremy_NI , @Matt_NI

    Been working with 2.15 for a day or so now using MK3 on Win 10 / 11th gen i5 / 16gb RAM using Maschine as standalone program

    I'm sorry to report that I've noticed it seems to be slow and unresponsive.

    Behavior I've seen includes:

    Delay of several seconds moving between points on timeline,

    Delay of several seconds when switching between screens - ie from sounds mixer to group macros

    Group macros unresponsive until restart

    Restart / play button on hardware not responding until restart of program

    etc etc - just generally slow and lagging

    At times a 'not responding' message flashes up on the top of the Maschine window and goes

    I am 99.9% certain this has started with the update - I am working on the same project as I was with the previous version - and had none of these issues before

    I have downgraded to MASCHINE 2.14.7 for PC and, so far, I am seeing the normal, speedy behavior I was before the update. I will continue to monitor and see if the slow ness comes back - but so far ok

    I have never seem Maschine lagging, slow and unresponsive like this before and I dont think it can be a coincidence that it happened after the update to 2.15 - but of course, many apologies if this is an error I am making!

    I would also add, if it is relevant, that it is a fairly big project showing around 75% on Maschine CPU meter

    However, the CPU in task manager is running at around 30% with around 8gb free of RAM, so the actual laptop itself had plenty of resources left

    Hopefully it is just me and not a general issue, but seems like 2.15 is not good for me

  • Kaldosh
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    Would have really been great to have a tool for user to color code keyboard notes in Maschine with color feedback on KK

  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 2,753 mod

    IMO it's more of a crash prevention measure rather than auto-save, I guess it depends on how one interprets the term. It's works as Jeremy explained, some extra detail is that the temporary save is done every 1min, named "autosave.mxprj" in Users/Your-Name/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Maschine 2.

    No idea about the path in Windows.

    did you tag the samples or the actual Sound?

    The AutoSampler works by sending the notes and recording the audio so yes, you have to use either the USB MIDI Out or the MIDI DYN to send MIDI to the computer to trigger the notes and also connect the output of your computer/interface to the M+ Audio inputs.

  • Space Cat 303
    Space Cat 303 Member Posts: 108 Advisor

    Thank you @D-One I tried today in Usb, it's impeccable, can't wait for 1.4

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