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  • afrogrit
    afrogrit Member Posts: 54 Helper

    Hello everyone, are we now able to pin some instruments effects? for instance I would like have my spectrums on the group open whilst tweaking EQs at sound level, is this possible?

  • NathanD
    NathanD Member Posts: 3 Member

    When I first upgraded I did a couple of auto samples of Playbox and they worked fine. I have been trying some other auto sampling and am now getting sample not found. I have tried the samples in both the Maschine 2/Sounds folder and the User Content folder. Neither work for my latest auto samples and both work for my previous auto samples. What am i missing?

  • StarSMASH
    StarSMASH Member Posts: 16 Newcomer

    are you serious?????? wow..... i bought KUCE and spent thousands of dollars only for everything to suddenly stop working and my plug-ins and VST's won't load in maschine now. everything works fine in logic. Just not maschine.....i've rescanned and restarted multiple times, come to find out that it might be that VST2 suddenly doesn't work with maschine anymore which affects all of my old projects. This really might be the last straw with Maschine and any Native Instruments products for me.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,789 mod

    Hey @StarSMASH VST2 works on Intel Macs and on M1 computers in Rosetta mode. The user you quoted mentioned only NI VST3 vs Third party plug-ins, not VST3 plug-ins vs VST Plug-Ins. Your issue seems to come from something else. I'll get in touch by email.

  • tempsperdu
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    Go to beta and download and install the release candidate so you can access your projects or wait until 2.15.1 is released.

    Yeah, thanks, That's what I did already, LOL there was little option.

    One thing though, if it was supposed to have chord inversions ...where are they??????

  • olafmol
    olafmol Member Posts: 128 Pro

    Sorry people, now i'm totally confused on the VST support: am i correct that Maschine 2.15 doesn't support VST3 in general, only for specific NI plugins???

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 7,789 mod

    Hey @olafmol Maschine 2.15 is now VST3 itself, supports NI VST3 but doesn't support 3rd party VST3 yet.

  • SpencerTyler
    SpencerTyler Member Posts: 35 Helper

    Auto-Sampler feature is great although it did act strange once and forced me to restart Maschine 2 to get it working properly again. Other than that I love the concept of it. It makes the standalone much more versatile with a lot less effort than before. I was concerned about my Maschine Plus purchase because I couldn't access any play series VSTs but this definitely makes up for that. Thanks

    Are we still going to see chord inversions in the future? I was just as excited about that as I was the Auto-Sampler but it seems to be missing from the list of things that were supposed to be introduced with this update. I understand there were some draw backs but I'm hoping it is still in the plans. Also, is there a chance of Custom Chord Sets be introduced? Inversions and Custom Chord Sets combined would drastically improve creativity and workflow.

    Thanks for the update and have a good day!

  • Dstep ATL
    Dstep ATL Member Posts: 95 Helper

    I think people have been asking for custom chord sets for a long time. Not sure why they don’t listen. Akai has it.

  • izrael berlin
    izrael berlin Member Posts: 11 Member
    edited April 2022

    What about an update for M+?

    When Akai is adding new instruments and effects to their updates of ONE/Live/X/Force standalone products, a similar gesture from NI to it's clients would be very much appreciated.

  • winihh
    winihh Member Posts: 22 Member

    To me it seems like "we" all have completely different expectations to Maschine. There are those who prefer the standalone Maschine+, especially for live performance and others who want it to be near a DAW and production tool. For me Maschine becomes more and more an instrument and a Midi-Device. It works very good being this after the update. And it is a very nice tool to sketch musical ideas and take them into other Software: as Midi, as VST or via Audio. You can even try an make whole songs with it, what I wouldn't do...

    To me it seems that sometimes it would be a good way to keep good things and tools simple and easy. The complexity of all needs of all us users make it somehow fail – or better: hopefully not!

  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 252 Advisor

    Though a good Machine has a good and stable midi implementation since many years now. Maschine simply is not stable in this regard

  • izrael berlin
    izrael berlin Member Posts: 11 Member

    For custom chords I recommend you to connect an ipad to M+ and generate chords using an app (MIDIChordy, Chordjam, ChordMaps2) and route the MIDI to M+. It works great.

  • izrael berlin
    izrael berlin Member Posts: 11 Member

    Well, this will impact negatively NI selling numbers. Actually becasue of AKAI introducing 3 new synth plugins and 7 new FX in an update, I have decided to buy Force. Still I can not help but hope for something exciting coming for M+ in a form of updates. I am simply in love with the pads on this thing.

    Just NI, please do something about the filters! (Stimming is 100% right).

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