Native Instruments is now part of Soundwide + freebies 🎁



  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 364 Saw

    If those artists represent a focus for the range of "expansion sets".. yes, it is important.

    Try harder Soundwide. Be more inclusive.

  • Hippstar
    Hippstar Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Very interesting.

    I own stuff from all three companies. Just bought Black Box, bx_Oberhausen and some other stuff last year during sale. So hopefully we will get one downloader/update-tool in the future.

    On the other side, I'm not sure if the new company will get to big and loses touch with the customer and users.

  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser NetherlandsMember Posts: 135 Tri


    Very narrow in diversity of genre.

    Let's assume that this is true (I honestly can't tell because I don't really know most of the names)... then what would be the problem with that? I see your point, and to a degree I think it's a fair one as well, but at the same time I also can't help wonder if you're not searching too much behind all this?

    See, just because some product is focussed on a specific genre doesn't automatically imply that it can only be used for that particular purpose.

    For example... I don't like hiphop. Not hating on the genre, some beats sound pretty cool, but as a whole it's not for me. Some reggae at best from time to time, but that's it. And yet one of my favorite Maschine expansions is ... Certified Gold. Huge personal favorite of mine, even though it's fully focused on: "Premium sounds for ultramodern trap and hip hop".

    Meant for hiphop/trap, yet I'm squeezing metal and techno-like additions out of it.

    So... why wouldn't a hiphop producer not be able to develop material that can be used for other genres as well?

  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ UKMember Posts: 147 Tri

    The Plugin Alliance site seems to be struggling...

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Member Posts: 165 Saw

    Big fan of PIA, and don’t have some of these. Excellent stuff, thank you!

  • Hippstar
    Hippstar Member Posts: 8 Sine
  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 752 admin

    Bare with us if one of the website is struggling to keep up with the amount of requests. I seem to be able to get through PA but it's very very slow. Right now is probably going to be the busiest peak as US folks see the news.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 364 Saw

    It indicates that Soundwide is not reaching broadly enough to incorporate a vision of how their products can be used.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 181 Saw

    That PA bundle is crazy good - much obliged!

    Hope soundwise is the right step for NI and everyone involved. If all the companies onboard could share teams and resources for tackling various projects, I bet nothing would be impossible.

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 87 Tri

    Must admit, I'm almost surprised not to see Bitwig as part of this liaison.

  • tempsperdu
    tempsperdu Member Posts: 87 Tri


    It indicates that Soundwide is not reaching broadly enough to incorporate a vision of how their products can be used.

    I'm a tad curious about who you think should be onboard and why......

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 364 Saw

    For starters, at least have some artists from a broader range of genres... rock, folk, country.. and this is just a biased smidgen of what should be there from the start. There is so much more. Other companies are presenting a much more inclusive feel... Toontrack as one example.

    And there should be some inclusion of music educators in there... getting deeply embedded in the education market should be a strategic goal from the start.

  • Vfold
    Vfold Member Posts: 1 Noise

    Well let’s hope something good comes out of this. I have to admit I’m skeptical. It’s pretty clear without the users here want, without the help of an ”Artist Board”. Maybe there’s no money in that. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 488 mod

    I see it the same way, i like hip hop expansions also for minimal and ambient stuff. I just forget about all those labels and use what i like, what i hear. I see the point that artists are maybe an important identification figure, i would also like to see more techno, ambient and what not artists - sure - but i can use sounds like already said.


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