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    Mark Cattini

    Soundwide CEO Mark Cattini explains, “Going forward, we’re asking ourselves: ‘What do our community members need to tap into their ultimate creative workflow and how can we help get them there?.’ By first uncovering and understanding our community’s needs, we can map out our goals and move one step closer to the future of sound. Soundwide’s Artist Board provides a unique opportunity to offer up more seats at the table and collaborate with board members to bring new voices into the conversation.”

    Wonder how this is going? 😁 The Future Of Sound has had a rather dubious usage over the years and possibly a not very appealing retro, if not adamantly regressive colouring. Should be kinda interesting to see what the future really does look like...............................

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    Remember when Alicia Keys got involved with Blackberry? ... Remember Blackberry? :D

    It was nice knowing you NI \o

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