Audio dropouts and performance issues after new update on M1 Max Macs

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Hey guys, just updated, the project I was working on before the update is now exhibiting pops and crackles and the cpu meter is super unstable and higher than before. Also it took like 15 seconds to launch versus normal time. Anyone else experiencing any issues with the new update?

restarted my computer to no change..

running apple M1 Max 64gb ram and maxed out GPU. For sure my system shouldn't be struggling


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Ok, I was able to get more info. This is already on the radar, the bug is filed under this reference: MAS2-29623, it's still under investigation, we don't have an ETA for a fix at the moment.

    Not sure if downgrading will fix it but here's the previous version of Maschine: MASCHINE 2.17.4



  • solsta
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    this is CPU usage, no music playing, everything idling

  • toneyrome
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    I'm on M1 Max and it feels like it launches quicker. Try a different audio buffer size. Also there was a Kontact 7 version that spiked cpu.

  • D-One
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    No issues here. Can you try saving the project with another name and 1 by 1 remove any 3rd party FX to see if theres a problematic plugin somewhere?

  • roboto
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    I am experiencing CPU spikes and audio dropouts with the 2.17.5. I can't really play any project anymore without experiencing the dropouts. In contrast, version 2.17.4 runs flawlessly.

    I have build a simple test song to exclude special plugins. Have used the same plugin in Multiple groups.

    btw. I do not have the launch issues.

    Mac Studio M1 Max; macOS Ventura 13.6.1

  • roboto
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    To go into more detail …

    For my own small test setup I have created a new project and used only the internal polysynth playing 10 notes simultaneous. Then I copy and paste this group as many times till it starts to crackle.

    At the end I can run in 2.17.4 about 290 groups. In 2.17.5 only about 70 groups. That is somewhat surprising. My older iMac (intel 4,2 GHz Quad-Core) with 2.17.4 was much better than this actual setup with Mac Studio and 2.17.5. All my projects wich have been running fine on my iMac don't work on the new setup. 😁 

    Changes in the sample rate and/or buffer size make a difference, albeit only a slight one. But the extremely large discrepancy between the two versions remains. Switching between the audio drivers also makes no difference. I really have no idea why this is the case for me.

  • solsta
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    I agree, it seems like I'm running into cpu issues sooner than in 2.17.4 in fact in .4 I had zero cpu issues I hadn't done anything to get them that far up.

    Im testing with other projects now to see what kind of differences I encounter but I'm noting my cpu meter is really jumpy. Switched to internal laptop sound card and also super crackly so my interface wasn't misbehaving.

  • solsta
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    I'm giving it a shot and duplicating my project and removing a bunch of stuff to see what happens.

  • tetsuneko
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    Are all of you experiencing these problems using a conputer with M1 Max processor by any chance?

  • D-One
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    Humm... Interesting, on my Intel Mac results are the same on all versions running that benchmark.

    Can re-run that test on the Mac Studio and post a screenshot of the CPU core activity? Open the Activity Monitor app and double-click the "CPU Load" area, it will bring up separate a core window, let the project run for about 1 min or 2 while the audio is glitching with CPU maxed out then take the screenshot... I have a feeling only some cores are being used but this could confirm it.

    Also, are you using an unreasonably short buffer? Say 32 or 16?

  • roboto
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    Thank you for your support!

    Today, I conducted further experimental tests. My settings for the test run were 44.1kHz and the buffer at 128 samples. Unfortunately, I no longer have my old Intel iMac for testing. But I have always used that buffer size of 128 samples on my old iMac flawlessly. And I also used that on my Mac Studio with Maschine 2.17.4 without problems.

    I have also checked the cpu load in the Activity Monitor this time. And both versions using all cores!

    But from here it gets interesting:

    With version 2.17.4, I can push all the cores to full load until the dropouts occur.

    But with version 2.17.5, the dropouts starting much, much earlier, even though the cores are not yet fully utilized. But you can also actually see how the CPU indicator in the Maschine software constantly shoots up.

    Of course, it gets better if I increase the buffer size. But to achieve a similar workload as in the old version, I have to set it to easily 2000 samples. That obviously makes it no longer usable for me.

    Here are my screenshots from the CPU load.

    Maschine Version 2.17.4:

    Maschine Version 2.17.5:

  • D-One
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    So, so far this points to a specific M1 Max issue.

    wow, the core utilization difference is gigantic.

    Trying that benchmark method I noticed a Bug in the mixer view only the first 13 Group shows a moving meter, the rest do not even though the sound is actually playing, this issue could be related or not, no ideia.

    In your shoes, I would try a more realistic benchmark, maybe a Massive patch with 4 or 5 built-in fx, then duplicate it over and over the same way you did, basically something that won't get close to that 300 Group 2000+ Pads as that as that's not really a real-life representation of usage, the result will probably be the same but this might help NI pinpoint the issue.

    IDK how this slipped thru the Beta, maybe they don't have enough users there with M1 Max computers, would you be interested in joining the Maschine Beta? I'm just a Mod and cant guarantee entry but I can try asking... Thats the best place to report this sort of problem.

  • roboto
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    I am already in the beta program and have reported the problem there as well. Unfortunately, it seems to have been somewhat overlooked. I will report everything again in the BETA Bug reporter. Thank you D-One for your help!

  • RossHutch85
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    Having the same issue , crackle & pop bad plus unstable spiking cpu at idle. On MacBook pro M1 Max 64 gig Ram.

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