Missing the looper in Guitar Rig Pro 6



  • Pseudojazzer
    Pseudojazzer Member Posts: 1 Member

    Yeah i was hopeful it might be in the update - really need some love for the looper from NI.

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro
    edited February 2023

    Nice to see an ICM effect added, but I never read about anyone requesting a new fuzz on the forum. The looper (highly requested) was in GR5 and mysteriously vanished without any clear explanation. Bringing it back to GR6 is not all a priority. I don’t get it to be honest… I logged a support-ticket this weekend to express my doubts/concerns, but it feels like we’re yelling into the void over and over again…. So I have to keep using both versions of which GR5 will no longer work when I upgrade my MacBook…

  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 55 Helper

    Short question:

    Is anyone here replacing the missing looper with another solution? 

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    I was considering a Pigtronix Infinity 3, built like a tank and some nice features, but... very pricy: https://www.pigtronix.com/pedals/infinity-3/ I added a few of its feature to the feature request I posted a few months ago: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/4484/guitar-rig-looper-feature-request#latest

  • Entune
    Entune Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Looper please! ✋🏼

  • Kymeia
    Kymeia Member Posts: 3,509 Expert
    edited June 2023

    I can’t really understand why it was removed in the first place? It makes no sense. Bring it back please

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    @Kymeia , the questions has been asked multiple times on this forum, apparently nobody at NI is able to explain this wierd decision. Feel free to ask the moderators, I decided to let go.

  • MrJihem
    MrJihem Member Posts: 5 Member

    I need this looper as well!

    I'm still using GR5 in Steinberg VST Live for my shows just because of this. I need the looper module to be inserted after the first effects and the amp section and before the delays and reverbs, so I can't use a third party looper.

    The remaining problem is that in VST Live, Guitar Rig 5 outputs the dry signal even if the plug-in output volume is zero...

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    Hello @MrJihem , I understand your concern, I'm also using GR5/6 in combo which is annoying because the presets aren't synced. GR5 will become obsolete in future MacOS versions and it will be game over for me. As mentioned our concerns were expressed multiple time without any explenation, feedback, ... NI has no focus on GR and communication is below zero, that is clear.

  • GaveDrohl
    GaveDrohl Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Just upgraded to 6.3. Still no looper? Really disappointed.

  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 55 Helper

    I still don't understand why NI is staying out of this issue. When reports of problems with GR, we see close monitoring by the mods.

    About the looper no reaction. 

  • SjD
    SjD Member Posts: 17 Member
    edited July 2023

    You have a tricky job defending this and the issue is nothing to do with you, so reply is nothing 'personal, but sheesh , its like Groundhog day ..

    In summary the situation is .. 'we promised something on launch, so some of you bought GR6 on that promise, but we withdrew the feature *after* many of you bought it ..

    But hey, we 'amended' the description' later to be more .. err 'accurate ' - soo ..

    How does NI (and you on their behalf) not see as wrong?!

    As others have said now and previously - it's borderline fraudulent.

    And in 6 months, a years time, I'll bet we will see another post where someone asks the same question, and the official response will be "show us where we ever said that" - Like the last times!

    I don't believe that NI are going to put a looper in GR6 any time soon - if ever.

    GR6 is never going to be a live tool like the versions it 'replaced'.

    The ICM models rollout is much slower that was originally inferred also.

    I couldn't even sell my copy of GR6 for less than half the upgrade price I paid as GR6 was being offered for peanuts by NI recently and people on the Forum are almost giving the license transfers away.

    Luckily I really like the Chicago and the new Fire Seeker models - and of course the excellent FX - enough to feel like I have not been entirely ripped off by NI.

    And i am only a casual user. But .. that is not the point!

  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 55 Helper

    I am not talking about fraud here either. I am talking about a missed opportunity.

    But what annoys me first and foremost is that NI refuses to contact us about this. I have the impression that for NI the formun is there to collect error messages and thus to fix test gaps. All in order and legitimate.

    But there is no exchange with the users of the tool, which can handle GR6. 

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 217 Pro

    I'm waiting for the moment when the next version of Traktor will no longer be available for playing live... 😌

    Regarding the looper and Live view, GR6 was a downgrade, simple as that and they got us all by the kiwi's. As @Gandi states, there is not a single soul at NI who can (or dares to) explain why both features were removed. After various upgrades of GR6 and complaints from a multitude of users it's a status quo and they are afraid to reach out to there users for whatever reason. The purpose of my post was to use this forum for what a forum should be used: interaction. The GR6 categorie is a bug/issue list, feature request/suggestions/... are simpy being ignored although the moderators claim the feedback is send over to product management... I have my doubts. I think the only way to fix this is look for alternatives. From the moment Helix Native from Line6 will be available as a stand-alone software, it's bye bye GR for me.

  • PaulCan
    PaulCan Member Posts: 5 Member

    I agree. I am stuck with GR5 for this reason alone - GR6 isn't as useful live so it's no longer an option for me, I use GR5 live....and also, because of it's incredibly useful & awesome looper (has anyone ever mentioned this 😂 ), it's become an invaluable writing tool for me. I looked at trying to use Mobius with GR6, which kind of works, but I have to load my DAW up to get it to work - plus Mobius needs a programmers mind to get it to work as I would like (it's still not 100% emulation as it is actually much much more powerful than the GR5 looper.....). So basically, an ignorant decision from where I sit. I bought GR6 when it launched thinking it would just be "more better" ....and then waited patiently for the obvious inclusion of such a useful and awesome tool...but it has sat 99% unused waiting for the fairy tale looper. I shouldn't be surprised as they discontinued the massively useful & awesome Rig Kontrol pedal and I'm now left scouring Ebay for old ones to use as a backup (I have four now, so I should be ok for the foreseeable - no thanks to NI). GR6 doesn't even work as well with Rig Kontrol, so they have effectively redesigned & fixed their otherwise useful and awesome product to the point where it doesn't belong in my life anymore....forcing me to give my money (I would have happily given them) to someone else.

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